the winter vacation is coming, Xining City Bureau of education on the day before the end of the semester and winter vacation work to make the arrangements required during the city’s primary and secondary schools to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the "winter vacation burden", no school, remedial teachers or paid tutor, but also to strengthen the school security and inspection, carry out safety education of teachers and students education, encourage teachers to use holiday learning, self-learning, prepare performance salary, teaching reforms for the next term of implementation.

City Board of education pointed out that at the end of the semester, schools should focus on how to strengthen school management, deepen teaching reform, improve the quality of teaching and other aspects of a comprehensive summary of the work plan for the next semester. To grasp the ideological and political education, legal education and moral education and personal safety education, to prevent accidents. Schools must do a good job in the holiday security work, strict implementation of the duty system. During the winter vacation, the school also do a good job of ordering textbooks and other school preparatory work, in strict accordance with the curriculum and teaching requirements, next semester teaching plan in advance, not free to change classes and courses. In addition to the third grade can be appropriate to fill the extra-curricular, other grades are not allowed to organize classes, but not allow teachers to introduce students to participate in a paid tutor. The primary and secondary school holidays should be scientific and reasonable, is strictly prohibited duplication of homework assignments.

City Board of education winter vacation work arrangements stressed that from the beginning of the next semester, the City Board of education will implement the implementation of teacher performance pay, learning plan teaching and other personnel systems and educational reform. Therefore, the primary and secondary schools to encourage teachers to use vacation education, self-study learning, update knowledge, improve teaching ability and diathesis, carefully study the materials, better adapt to the new semester teaching needs.


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