some people do business, a dime is over, do not know how to give up, but always want to have income. Such business philosophy is no way to get the store to be more long-term operation. So, if it is to invest in business, only know how to have a house on the basis of the ability to make the business to get better operational development.

last September, my father died of illness. Unable to take care of business, I shut the door, home cooking until his father’s funeral, after half a month, my shop reopened. During that time, many of the store’s customer churn, business has been deserted. Just before the chess room income is very considerable, then even the shop next to the chess room also No one shows any interest in the.

my heart is very anxious. At this time, I looked at the chess room next to, in my mind: chess room business is not much, it might as well be free to customers, may also attract popularity. After listening to my wife, I asked: "we spent so much money to open a chess room, how can we not give money to play?" I patiently explained to her: "you see, our home so long not open the door, and some of the old customers have gone. If we don’t have any more activities, how can we attract customers again?"

, in my persuasion, my wife agreed with me. So, I immediately in front of the store to play a free chess room brand. Soon, the chess room attracted a lot of playing cards, playing mahjong, and more people to see the lively. For a time, before the store is also lively up, ten o’clock in the evening of the store is also very popular.

although the chess room is free of charge for others to use, but this is not for the store’s business did not help. Free chess room to promote the popularity of the store, not only selling cigarettes, and even other stores in the store also opened up the market. After this thing, I can not help but feel that the business has to give up. Seemingly behind the loss, may be hidden business opportunities.

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