Internet era now has changed our way of life of every individual, and now belongs to an Internet era, under a big background of this, the Internet has changed a lot of business and business model.

1, retail

drawbacks of traditional retail maximum for consumers is the information asymmetry. The C2C, B2C has completely broken the pattern, the world becomes flat, the real price of a commodity becomes transparent. Greatly reduces the consumer information costs, let everyone know the real price range of this commodity, the regional price monopoly is no longer possible, consumers are no longer in the dark. Not only that, e-commerce has also created a large number of user comments, the real sense of the Internet to create a trust mechanism. This virtuous cycle is the traditional retail industry can not have the advantage. (from C2C: e-commerce between individuals and individuals, B2C: merchants to customers)

2, wholesale

the traditional wholesale business has great geographical restrictions, one would like to open a small gift shop owner in Beijing need to go all the way to Zhejiang to purchase, not only to face the long journey and also need to face the problem of trust. So for those who purchase, each wholesale is actually a risk.

3, publishing industry

4, advertising industry

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