although every shopkeeper in the continuous learning business skills, however, the location of the shop is different, the same skills may not be able to play a role. Every store operators, and hope that their shops large traffic, business booming. Due to the geographical location of each household is different, the operation of the goods are different, the customer’s consumption level is different, resulting in different business models. In order to better increase the needs of customers, increase their own benefits, the operation of shops need to adjust measures to local conditions".

downtown business district large supermarket

is a place where consumers gather in large supermarkets. Traffic, consumers in different grades, faced with such a situation, the shop to do the "three high": the first requirement management level must be high. Secondly, the professional level to high. There are high quality products to operate. Moreover, different consumers, the level of consumption is not the same, according to the psychological needs of consumers shop to adapt to all types of people’s consumption habits and requirements, business will naturally thriving.

service community, office area supermarket

service area of the supermarket, the location is relatively stable, consumers are basically familiar with the old customers. Sometimes open more than a supermarket area two, particularly strong competitiveness. In response to this situation, the quality of goods and service attitude is the most important. If the "quality first, integrity management, good service, good karma". Will draw a lot of customers, so that customers here hell-bent, not for other places to spend. Now consumers are often paid to buy peace of mind, buy shuxin. Quality does not pass, the attitude is not in place, they have a strong choice, will choose to go to other places will not consume again.

office area next to the supermarket, customers are white-collar workers, the pursuit of high quality, high consumption, high consumption. Once they optimistic about a commodity, regardless of the price only quality. Sometimes vanity, comparison heart is strong. As long as the quality is high, with a glib eloquence and sincere service, not afraid of commodity consumption does not fall.

hospital entrance, the factory gate, the school entrance, next to the station super store

shop at the entrance of the hospital, consumer mobility is relatively large. The general consumer group is to visit the patient’s customers. Tobacco sales is not big, the fruit nutrition category of goods go faster. Placing some senior affordable appropriate nutrition, the main consideration of the patient’s body needs, supplements, low sugar products. There are children’s toys, snacks and books, newspapers also have considerable sales potential.

shop in front of the factory, the consumer is basically the factory workers, as well as the transport of cargo unloading the driver, the child almost No. Sales of alcoholic drinks and snacks for children

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