with the economic exchanges continue to strengthen exchanges between the number of people of the city increased, between the area transportation infrastructure is constantly improving, the traditional bus and slow traffic, already can not adapt to the development of the market demand. 20 reporters from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the new Lianyungang to Xuzhou railway feasibility study report has been officially approved by the national development and Reform Commission in 18, which marks the province 350 kilometers per hour high-speed railway construction was a major breakthrough. Lianyungang to Xuzhou high-speed rail plan 2020, will provide more convenience for everyone to travel.

Lianyungang to Xuzhou railway is a major project to determine the state of "13th Five-Year" plan "Outline" in ", is an important part of national long-term railway network planning" in high speed railway main channel "bridge transverse channel", is the province’s railway "13th Five-Year" planning "four vertical and three horizontal" fast passenger transport network in a horizontal shaft line. Ni Jianlian, Xuzhou hub in conjunction with the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, specifically, in Lianyungang,, the convergence of the coastal railway channel.

even Xu Gaotie’s construction, will enhance the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in Lianyungang economic corridor East starting point the leading and supporting role, to further develop the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in Xuzhou city and an important hub of economic corridor East Huaihai Economic Zone center of the city, in our province, better implement the "coastal development" and "The Belt and Road" national strategy. It is very important to.

great Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "to be rich, first road", for the improvement of transport facilities, is an indispensable part of economic development. According to the national development and Reform Commission, Tiedong lianxu from LianYunGang Railway Station, West to Xuzhou junction after Ma Zhuang station, via Lianyungang Donghai County City, Xuzhou City, Xinyi City, Pizhou City, a total length of 180.4 km, the railway grade for high-speed railway, 350 kilometers per hour. A total of LianYunGang Railway Station, Donghai County Railway Station, Xinyi south station, Pizhou station, Xuzhou station, thiller Zhuang station 6 stations. Project investment of about 28 billion 170 million yuan, plans to start construction by the end of 2016, opened in 2020.

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