in order to really open up the shop can have a higher appeal, so that the business of the store to better business, to shop a good name is very important. So, what can be the name of the dessert cake shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few, can be used as a reference.

cake dessert shop name: Sweet Zhuang

Description: the place to sell cake dessert, of course, the name of the shop to be sweet, Zhuang people feel more special. This name let a person see know is selling desserts, the word collocation gives people a sense of fashion.

cake dessert shop name: dim sum

Description: the "heart" of the word above to get rid of that point, the meaning of the cake has not eaten dessert, snacks to it.

cake dessert shop name: cabin

Description: the shop name has a warm feeling, decoration can also warm to close, just cake dessert should create a more comfortable and warm atmosphere, let a person see the name more feeling.

cake dessert shop name: rice candy

Description: homophonic meters take honey, the name is also on behalf of the sweet, meaning people here are like sugar sweet life, can also refer to the cake dessert, so the name is novel, can attract customers’ attention.

cake dessert shop name: new love bakery (or mood bakery)

Description: homophonic mood and hard, meaning each of the guests came to the cake dessert will change to a new pleasure, and your shop through the unremitting efforts to work hard to obtain big harvest.

cake dessert shop name: Korean Weiyuan

Description: Korean words a little damp feeling, Han Weiyou Korean flavor. Korean people feel that the taste is from Korea, very stylish, looking at the name of the cake into the dessert shop to see, and then lead to appetite.

a lot of names, let consumers see not into the store consumption desire, so if you want to shop, business will become very difficult. In a word, to successfully open a shop, a proper name is very important. So, if you want to give the cake dessert shop name, what would you like to get a name?

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