Buddha said that all beings are equal, but Xiao Bian would like to say, there is a life down is the big winner in life. Two rich generation although not what commendatory terms, however, is the envy of people. A recent two rich generation show their wealth, is simply really destroyed three concept!

When it comes to

the micro girl named Zhuo, accept the "New York guest" magazine reporter access. She constantly mentioned brand-name goods in the interview, such as "servant salary is approximately equal to a pair of Roger  Vivier high heels, a night Carnival will probably spend half a Birkin bag", and "last birthday, about an hour to drink quite 2 Fendi bags of wine".

reported that "brand-name goods like a currency for her". For users who accused her of "showing the tendency of things", Zhuo micro do not care to respond: "I don’t think that I was showing off, I just in life".

Especially today, see

"princess my biggest" reality show, I feel I am not myself., found himself poor… The popular saying, "the princess" is one of my biggest international wealth program, making the white Formica to swing onto silver gold. Go out is a sports car, and also with the name of the package, or how the nerve to go out!

brand-name goods like a currency for her. For users who accused her of "showing recommended

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