many people want to open a snack bar, but there has been no good opportunity, do not know how to find snacks. What are the snacks? Many friends have questions, so today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a few good snack items, come and see.

1935, Mr. octopus and trial Korea food as a raw material, and put in a special sauce fried in batter to burn, then brush the secret sauce, salad sauce and fish, such as the birth of the world’s first " octopus ". Innovation " octopus; " after that, because the delicious taste very popular, soon spread throughout the country, through continuous improvement and development for nearly a century, is still delicious and inexpensive everyone’s favorite snacks.

source group combines the octopus delicious, combined with the current people’s eating habits, successfully created a wonderful pill home snack " " brand. Highlight the unique flavor of the Miao family snacks. Miao Miao snacks in the market sales of hot, become consumers favorite food!

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