publicity is an essential means of business activities, help us to better enhance the image of the product, expand sales, to promote our products, promote business has a lot of help!


some people think that in the face of a new product, consumers do not understand the brand personality, companies often need to shape the brand personality through advertising, and the formation of consumer expectations and initial impression. If the consumer’s perception of the brand personality is weaker than the brand image conveyed by the advertisement, it may have a negative attitude. The appeal of advertising should be less than the actual perception of consumers, so as to give consumers a surprise, resulting in purchase intentions.

for functional brand personality, consumer perception of brand personality beyond advertising appeal more, purchase intention is higher, and vice versa. The function of brand personality, consumer perception and judgment mainly through the actual reference point are compared according to the expectation disconfirmation theory, if the consumer perception of brand personality in the dimension below the advertising appeal, so the customer will probably not satisfied, if the consumer perception of the actual

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