to say that the most common dessert is the most common cake, the cake seems to be normal but we all like the food, the Chinese people’s birthday also advocated a form of cake to eat a birthday. The cake is a very delicious dessert, because consumers now have a very strong consumption capacity, so for this cake consumption is also very great, a good brand Tiramisu cake is in the minds of consumers, and join in profitable projects. Then join Tiramisu cake needing to how much money?

2008 Tiramisu cake for production and research base to transfer environmental pollution area, adhering to the green health food business philosophy, Tiramisu cake to give up the convenience in first-tier cities, in the beautiful scenery at the foot of Taishan investment of millions of established tiramisu food production and research base. 2012 tiramisu for the rapid expansion of market size, began the development of franchise cooperation mode, start the important strategic transformation for the healthy development of the chain business. Cooperation mode once launched, quickly detonated the country, in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Anhui, Guangxi, Fujian, Jilin, the successful development of hundreds of chain stores.

Tiramisu cake now has more than 200 elite talent management team, set up R & D center, production center, marketing center, logistics center, brand management center, the National Center of cooperation, flat management system to drive the mechanism to coordinate the operation, all the primary condition to meet the demand of business cooperation, the first Butler consultancy services for each partner is equipped with special entrepreneurial butler.

Tiramisu cake edible do not have time limit. Now many of my friends have exquisite life style love petty life, so many of my friends will go to drink tea in the afternoon, then Tiramisu is a dessert and afternoon tea, the best collocation. This is why now Tiramisu cake dessert market development have a good reason. But Tiramisu cake joining fee is not expensive at about 5 to 100 thousand yuan on it. Therefore, the amount of investment and concessions to attract a lot of friends to pay close attention to.

above is a small series for the introduction of this problem, hoping to help join the solution to join the cost of the problem, before joining the brand, we must be ready to join the fund. If you have any other aspects of the brand to join the question we need to consult our website, please leave a message, we will see the message after the staff to contact you.

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