the more scarce the industry there is a lot of business opportunities, then you think the teeth beauty industry how? Because of modern people’s attention in the image, all the teeth beauty inevitable development prospect is good, a little girl in the industry has achieved great success, and earned a lot of money, if you want to know how she would understand the business, below!

2003 at the beginning of November, Mei Meihua 20 thousand yuan intermediary fees in the central city road leased a stationery store, spent 27 thousand yuan to buy a batch of crystal ornaments, dental adhesives, resins, cleaning equipment and related surgical instruments, and handle the relevant license, everything is ready. Mei Mei played a very eye-catching Name: "pig teeth beauty shop" to the tooth beauty shop, surrounded by cartoon cats and dogs, pigs and other small animal. These small animal are a pair of "bare teeth" funny teeth, with a variety of colors of the crystal teeth decorated to passers show hidden in the teeth of beauty.

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girl contentedly turned to the crowd with a dazzling smile, everyone almost dizzy, exclaimed, "wow! Good ah!" On the day of the opening, a total of 8 customers affixed to the decoration, of which there are 3 people also made a total of two teeth. Apart from the cost, Mei Mei earned 1265 yuan. I feel Mei Mei on the right track! Because the teeth beauty shop in Guangzhou was "only this one, no stores", so "little pig" business is booming. Mei Mei is a busy man, so he bought a table, with a monthly salary of 2000 yuan please a girl assistant.

11 at the end of the day, the leader of the dance girl again. She said a tooth for so long, tired, want to change another pink. Mei Mei teeth decorated change quickly for her. The girl said: "if I want to get in front of that color later, don’t need to do a tooth?" At this time, Mei Mei realized he had ignored a problem, these are male and female figure was novel, never old stick with a tooth with each other, if >

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