it’s almost summer now. Do you want to make a big profit this summer? Summer’s hottest items, naturally to the ice cream project. If you want to make a big fortune in this hot summer, fried ice cream is a good choice.

it is getting warmer, a good time to sell ice cream, but the big cake, the competition is more intense, and here, as a more "cake". Will it be OK to fry the ice cream? Certainly feasible.

The manufacture and sale of

open franchise stores, the equipment investment is 18 thousand yuan, the shop area of 5-10 square meters, 220 volt power supply, staff of 1-2 people, more than 1000 yuan liquidity. What is the best-selling product in summer? In addition to the operation of fried ice cream, but also the processing of ordinary ice cream products wholesale, such as proper operation, half an investment can be recovered.


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