to do the clothing business is not a rarity, and you can put the store franchise business model can prove that the strength of the business, in order to open a clothing store to open the book before the program, do business planning.

the allocation of funds: 20 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan deposit + goods + rental store 90 thousand yuan (15000 yuan, store rent per month two months a month, in addition to more than 3 months rent, because it can not guarantee immediately profit 10 thousand yuan) + member working water

can profit from the beginning of the first store in 2001 October, has grown to fourth stores, profits will be, but in order to obtain higher profits, to reach a certain size, I am working in this direction.

70% switch demand:

This time I learned that

30% personal favorite:

in his decision when I want to run for a long time, has been in the industry for women to do what to think, what to do. Later identified agent Ssha Gyaphak Ke brand. I am glad to choose the industry, because I think this industry is more suitable for women, but also I like it very much, I grew up like painting, clothing is also very sensitive to join. I think if you want to operate independently of the best choice of their own familiar with the industry, try not to choose their own industry is not familiar with. And must love your choice of industry, so as to put their heart into the business.

startup: 50% Market Research 20% guts and courage 20% commendation

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