is now the development of outdoor supplies in the field of momentum is very good, for many entrepreneurs, the investment in outdoor supplies is a good opportunity for development. A lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of investment, have opened up outdoor stores. Want to get the success of investors, in the opening of outdoor stores, a good grasp of business skills is critical.

outdoor stores make promotion can be used to drive the best-selling unsalable, achieve good sales results. To provide quality services. The customer is always outdoor stores Yisifumu, especially the old customers, they can not only bring the subsequent consumption continues, the more important is that they can bring a good reputation for you. Gold silver cup as reputation, good reputation, the number of customers has become more and more, the market is more and more big, your business will be more prosperous.

clear inventory strategy. Customer presence strategy. Promotion is not a ready-made panacea, can not solve all the problems, but can not do without the theme of the promotion. Promotional activities to be creative and take the lead in the launch, the goal should be clear, need to be careful planning of goods, manpower, brand outdoor stores. When do the activities must rally, make atmosphere. Activities must be assessed after the event.

Some of the

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