life will inevitably have failed, in fact, failure is not terrible, able to face is the most important. As the saying goes, the weather is unpredictable, people have good and bad fortune. In the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs emerge into the phenomenon is a normal thing, so entrepreneurs how to treat these setbacks? How to face these difficulties in the process of starting the


gallery opened after the young painter found: there have been too many this street art gallery, apart from dozens of decoration special attention famous gallery, like this small gallery he opened not what people patronize.

struggling for a few months later, the painter decided to close the gallery. Before closing the depressed mood this afternoon, he came to a small coffee shop street. Watching the coming and going, in a continuous line of guests, he silently drinking coffee. He found that although this is a small coffee shop, the flow is quite large. An idea flashed through his mind: why not open a coffee shop on the art street?

A week after the

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