market is narrow the loss of competition grappling irregularities generally

IT times Li Dong

since 2006, the food and Drug Administration issued the first medicine B2C license, the retail industry in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of e-commerce prospects are widely optimistic. But today, the vertical pharmaceutical retail e-commerce is still tepid, compared to the line under the chain store sales, which was an auxiliary foil online retail channels. And the policy environment, price fight, for those who do the pharmaceutical business Nongchao always confused, whether the medicine electronic commerce toward where


auxiliary channel competitive

pharmaceutical retail area, although the electricity supplier is considered to be the Nuggets, but the operation is still not warm for many years.

from the overall scale, the current is still the main channel for the store, online transactions accounted for only a small proportion." CEO cattle Zhengzhao gold mesh told reporters, although the gold mesh got pharmaceutical retail B2C licenses in early 2006, but up to now existed as auxiliary consumption channels under a line. Last year, Jinxiang cable channel sales reached more than 6000, but at the same time, the next line store sales have reached about 1000000000. While online sales, mostly from the vertical gold mesh independent website, a month from Tmall and other party platform sales only more than 200.

e-commerce experts Lu Zhenwang pointed out that the entire medical retail market, online market share ratio itself is very small, but also by policy constraints, can only sell non prescription drugs off the price low, according to last year’s "the size of the transaction, the 80% is set in the field of prescription drugs, but this part of prohibited in online sales, online pharmacies can only sell non prescription drugs, health care products, home medical equipment, leading to the market more and more narrow." Online and offline about Bo, leads to more pharmaceutical electricity supplier teeter. Lu Zhenwang believes that, compared to online pharmacies, the popularity of the line under the physical store is very mature, which also largely restricts the development of online medicine retail. The same is to buy OTC drugs can be bought at home, do not necessarily have to go online to buy."

Although the market share of

is not high, but the price war between the pharmaceutical electricity supplier has long been extremely intense, it seems that this piece of the blue ocean seems to stir up the smoke. Niu Yi said that the online pharmacies are also facing a serious homogenization, fierce competition, and the low price of drugs, and even many drugs have been close to the wholesale price to sell, which makes the profit space is very narrow.

vertical pharmaceutical electricity supplier in the price of the fight hand to hand with on the B2C platform at the same time, there are many businesses in the "peibenzhuanyaohe". "The Tmall platform is now grappling with the price of the Red Sea, selling many." Kang’ai multi Marketing Director Zhang Yibing bluntly, like a blood glucose meter, health care products, these products have many businesses compete.

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