graduated from a famous university, is also a graduate of this, for any one person, that is perhaps the choice of a decent job, the name of nine to five work, can not earn a lot of money, but also not very hard. But the hero Zhang did not think so, although graduated from famous university, has chosen to open Changfen shop, open up a general way of life.

graduate students in the minds of everyone may be linked with the high-tech aspects, but there is a young man walked a road that others can not imagine. When I saw the 27 year old Zhang, watched him skillfully doing Changfen, really hard to study with his famous university students together.

Zhang Jin: "I think graduate students do these (Changfen does not have what difference with other work)." Reporters learned that in 2013 June, to study industrial mechanics into work from Xi’an Jiaotong University after graduation to enter the state-owned enterprises, and then to Beijing a foreign work, the monthly income of thirteen thousand. Sounds good wages and how will sell rice rolls? It turned out to be about his girlfriend.

Zhang Jin: "because my girlfriend is Cantonese, he took me to a restaurant to eat rice rolls, I feel especially good, think in Xi’an and even the whole country to extend it out." The idea is very good, the reality is very skinny, graduate students quit decent job to sell rice rolls, do not say anything else, do not agree with their parents first. "The family is very, very opposed, I just a little to communicate with them."

Zhang into his girlfriend: "since he likes such a thing, I think you can." With the family’s consent, Zhang entered South Guangdong special learning Changfen technology. Three months later they returned to Xi’an for pavement.

taking into account the cost of store, Zhang Jin and his girlfriend chose the high tech Zone two floor, small shop, monthly rent of 1800, although the remote location, daily turnover of over 500 yuan is not a small comfort to him.

Zhang Jin: "I feel like I can do it step by step." In fact, a good performance behind the hard work. The reporter understands, Zhang and his girlfriend early in the morning to prepare materials, not only bear the Zhang Chang Fen, every day have to go to the vegetable market in the West Sanhuan do purchasing, busy time must also assume the delivery work.

Zhang Jin: "my mother felt a day up so early, go back to the ten point Banshiyi at night, so I had to work hard, or work well." Even so, Zhang still insist on the rice rolls career, while an average three minutes, he can make a delicious rice rolls. There is always a good dream, if one day to achieve a better?

may not be able to understand Zhang in your mind

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