entrepreneurship boom rising, Guangdong Guangling in order to create a better business environment for college students, inspire more students start on the afternoon of March 2nd, held college-graduate village official business projects show.

3 2 afternoon, Guangling District college-graduate village official forum and enjoy the youth dream · Guangling venture show competitions will be held in college-graduate village official growth stage. District Organization Department, District, city youth group center responsible person, the Township Economic Development Zone, street Organization Committee (the party director) and college-graduate village official representatives of nearly 80 people participated in the event.

the participants voted for Tuiyou entries, the next step will be improved to enhance the 2 outstanding projects, actively preparing for the city’s college-graduate village official business competition.

in focus on social forces, more and more college students had entrepreneurial enthusiasm, also in the social strength, creating a very good platform for college students.



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