in the eyes of many people, entrepreneurship, which is mature and stable middle-aged uncle should do, young female college students is obviously not suitable for entrepreneurship, in fact, is not the case. We have an example of success through their own efforts, female university students monthly income of over 10000, we have to listen to her story.

7 a month ago still stall

Before the

2013 in June, Lin Kun is a stall selling myself two times modified the design of clothing in the university city night market, in June of that year moved into the micro enterprise park beauty shop decoration, wardrobe, she and her partner are completed. The first month, the turnover of more than ten thousand yuan, but the University City University after the summer vacation, business immediately fell into the trough.

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operations team

Home obsolete, old clothes, how should I do? Lin Kun said, a variety of styles of clothing, it is difficult to list one by one, she has some ideas for your reference.

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