why are people so fond of yogurt? Chinese annual sales have been far more than the other yogurt drink project, people always used before the meal after drinking yogurt, because yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria, helps digestion. Perhaps it is for this reason that yogurt has become a favorite object. Fried yogurt joined the shop as a new project in yogurt is received by investors, although many people have opened their own yogurt shop, but often worried about how to operate. How to set up a snack?.

put an end to all food additives, this unique product and sale mode, make fried yogurt snacks in the beverage market soon became people’s favorite, market sales steadily. Store hot " DIY area; " and provide strip packaging probiotics and banana, strawberry, pineapple and other fresh fruit, let the customer make, creative sales, to attract young people and children, fully stimulate sales. See here, how do you feel about running a small fry yogurt store.

how to set up a yogurt snack shop? 3 marketing model

1, ship direct model

The market of Kan

with straight center and all levels of branch and Kan Kan transport mode, make fried yogurt to join partners to see the success of the store, to fully understand the transport situation Kan shop.

2, intimate full service

of cooperative store from site selection to the opening guide the implementation of full support, sent to the store, partners no experience can be easily by kan.

3, regional protection

fried yogurt snack shop how? Strict rules go where the district within 3000 meters is only authorized to open a shop, area of strict protection policy to ensure each fried yogurt join the store revenue, to avoid vicious competition with each other.

how much do you want to join the


fried yogurt a day to earn much money on the market to join the yogurt shop, choose good quality, unique quality of the enterprise is very important. DIY is now stuffed into the first brand to join the yogurt shop tens of thousands of inputs, you can enjoy a one-stop entrepreneurial support services, generally about three months to recover the cost. The way of investment can also be a regional agent shop, shop in the form of three kinds: flagship store, standard store, shop, fried yogurt franchise to achieve your entrepreneurial dream!

how much can you make a day with yogurt, including from site selection, store image design, product pricing, production

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