a few days ago, a pair of geese due to kiss and quickly became popular on the Internet, however, according to the survey, the current two nets have been slaughtered red geese. The owner said that the majority of farmers raised geese to eat, I hope users can understand.

2 14, users @ Shenzhen Li wide in the micro-blog issued two geese "kiss" pictures, with the text: and the king kissed farewell, send to the entrance of the village, the long shadow, since the end of the world! Just two days, the micro-blog was forwarded 18 thousand times.

Although micro-blog is the first

"@ Shenzhen Li Kuan", but he is not taking photos. Last night, the modern express reporter contacted the family of geese, Miss Deng is located in Guangdong, Meizhou. Miss Deng told reporters that her family in rural Meizhou, is a native of the Hakka people, the two geese are parents, more than a year, it is the childhood sweetheart two geese.

on the two geese kiss the parting of the story, had to start from the second day of the new year. Because years ago, the family owed the relatives of the human feelings, in the second year, the relatives to treat, so ready to be sent to relatives in the early morning. Let Miss Deng did not expect: when Dad on the ground bound goose, goose already craned his neck, trying to untie the rope on the body of the goose, the action is also very intimate. "The male goose has been profound friendship" quack barking, seems to be "pray for master, let her go."

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