do a good job on the display of goods for the development of a store business will have a very big influence, because of this, now shopkeepers are more and more attention to the commodity display. However, in order to make the display really play a role, it is necessary to comply with certain principles. In short, store merchandise display is an important form of store advertising, known as "silent salesman", and even to a certain extent determines the store sales. Store merchandise display should follow the following principles.

is conspicuous. The so-called conspicuous is the shop to make it easy to sell goods, try to put it in a prominent place and height, can also be called effective display. The display, considering the value of the goods and the frequency of purchase, for want of goods sold, try to choose an attractive place to display. Even in the same place, which is called the gold line of goods, in the scope of the effective display should also focus on the most prominent height, and in the way of display on the Kung fu.

customers may not have the curiosity to get in the hands of each item carefully, if the goods to the customer can not see the place or blocked by other goods, or goods will not positive not outward, cause the attention of customers, there is no talk about sales. So to give the product a chance, let each commodity front outward, increase the chance to show his face, will be able to increase sales opportunities.

let the goods in their place, each commodity cannot be other goods to block the view, wine is also afraid of deep alley, faceless goods nobody cares; the bottom shelf is not easy to see the goods, can be tilted type display prominent commodities, now they are put to shame to answer the goods pull out the shelf is too high; the upper display of goods can be considered to repeat customers, fancy goods, if not in the hands of weigh compare, are not willing to buy a.

two is easy to choose and pick up. It is easy to select the way of store merchandise to the guests easy to select display, in addition to the special goods (such as cigarettes), other commodities are as displayed in easy reach, therefore, to consider the relevance of goods and then classified display. The size of each store, format and main direction is different, which will lead to different classification methods, first of all should be a large classification of goods.

will then use it, the manufacturer’s classification to classify, and finally is the price, the design of the small classification. Like this will be a clear classification of goods, and then set the display method of display, not only to bring convenience to customers, the store itself to improve the efficiency of the management of goods. It is easy to pick up in the effective range of display conspicuous, easy to pick up the goods, will be selling high margin goods and properly display in high position.

display of goods can not be too high, customers will not be easy to get or put back and give up. For fragile goods

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