80 after 90 business venture is the trend, is the mainstream, is now 90 entrepreneurial world, even the prime minister Li Keqiang also recognized this point, he appreciates the start empty-handed of young people, and give a great encouragement to 90 CEO.

1 27 in the morning, Zhongnanhai, a conference room, under Premier Li Keqiang chaired the science and education and grassroots representatives of people’s forum. Compared with the other 9 delegates such as Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng, writer Wang Meng, basketball star Yao Ming, actor Chen Daoming and other celebrities, 90 students entrepreneurs on behalf of Wang Ruixu is very young, but he did not stage fright.

on behalf of 90 entrepreneurs to the prime minister’s advice to

for the youngest delegates this identity, Wang Ruixu believes that he is the representative of the Guangzhou college students’ entrepreneurial community, to be invited from your university 4 years 5 scholarship, part-time cat entrepreneurial projects made remarkable achievements, and boost the schools and government parties.

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