business in modern society is a very important thing, whether you are young or middle-aged women, or some people or the elderly, can go to the business, and now the whole society is very encouraging entrepreneurial action.

7, the Xi’an municipal government executive meeting approved in principle the "guiding opinions on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples". The views put forward, the implementation of college students pioneering and innovative experimental program, the establishment of mentors, universities, institutions, the government multi-level entrepreneurial support system. Encourage colleges and universities to establish and improve the entrepreneurial innovation training mechanism, open up a special entrepreneurial space, the creation of entrepreneurship education courses, entrepreneurship guidance, and into the credit management.

, venture investment and financing structures for students to communicate with the service platform, to support the implementation of the entrepreneurship of college students entrepreneurship subsidies and tax relief, microfinance loan policy. To create a space for college students into the rental housing security coverage. Three years, the cumulative increase in the creation of college students and entrepreneurial team of more than 10 thousand.

make enterprise space use fee subsidies, the cost of physical space, network and other facilities to be subsidized. Encourage enterprises to gather entrepreneurship and innovation base, the newly settled entrepreneurial base of small enterprises Small and micro businesses in the incubator, science and technology enterprises in the hatch, electricity industry park of small and micro enterprises, to give preferential use fee waiver; assigned to the public record of space enterprises and creating, increasing subsidies.

standard and relief of various types of charges related enterprises to maximize, reduce the cost of tax Small and micro businesses, expand tax relief benefit.

to invest in early-stage technology companies investment losses, to venture capital institutions single enterprise initial investment amount of 30% yuan, the highest 1 million single highest 3 million yuan compensation mechanism.


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