Abstract: luxury electricity supplier industry to spend a low profile collapse, immature market to the domestic luxury electricity supplier has brought a roller coaster development process, I believe the industry is bound to gradually mature.

The development of

Chinese luxury electric providers experienced that by four "China year" 2011, 2012, the expansion of a reshuffle of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore 2013. Industry and rapid outbreak of the industry chain is not mature, the market growth slowed from 2014 to the spring of 2015, the luxury business company to obtain new financing scanty, the industry began to sink to decline, layoffs, restructuring, sale, bankruptcy, lucky to survive is in jeopardy. There are even reports that the first generation of luxury electricity supplier has fallen, the industry will die in 2015. read more

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In 2006, it was said that this year is the first year of China’s Internet video, there are people who say that the first year of the first month of July (in the world cup in July is the peak period). It is not a very scientific, but indistinct say a simple fact that the Internet is the mainstream of transition from narrowband to broadband, multimedia content including video, audio, text content from the transition to a single.

steps leading up to a critical point, usually leads to qualitative change. So, as long as there is data to prove that the video content at a certain point in time accounted for a certain proportion of Internet content, said the first year of the video, it can be, there is nothing you can not. read more

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happy network is undoubtedly the most eye-catching SNS site 08 years, with its grab parking spaces, the sale of slaves and other games, will be bound to the many white-collar workers in the above.

however, the domain name is not happy with kaixin.com, but kaixin001.com. This does not matter, however, recently, the happy network of the school network (Thousand Oaks group) acquired the kaixin.com domain name. And imitate the structure of happy network, the kaixin.com points to the online school. Kaixin.com name is happy network, named, page style and so on are very similar to the happy network (kaixin001.com), the industry dubbed the clone version, cottage version of happy network. read more

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