store is more popular now, many people may not invest in pharmacies, but the store is an indispensable part in our life, take medicine to the pharmacy, if you want to open a pharmacy, to pay attention to what? How about pharmacy? Xiao Bian introduced.

first, entrepreneurial background

with the global financial crisis, the global economy has been in a new stage of recovery. The pharmacy business, throughout the financial crisis, his impact on the market and the influence of clever medicine is relatively small, therefore, the pharmaceutical market recovery period will be relatively short. A Weihai pharmaceutical market and related medical reform policies, the traditional price tactics will be gradually replaced by the service system, leading to the birth of a new concept of medical service for A consulting enterprises. This is what we in the city of Aral Sea in the pharmaceutical market to open up new opportunities service system. read more

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now, many people optimistic about the food and beverage industry, this industry is very popular and welcomed the development of the situation is very good, now, many people began to invest in joining the catering industry, but business is not an easy thing, especially for the novice, so novice in catering to join need to pay attention to what


on the site must be accurate. A lot of food and beverage franchisee after joining the operating state is not good, a lot of reasons is because the location of the problem. Due to improper location, customers can not see, there is no natural. It is important to find the brand, to find the address of the brand shop, is also essential. Generally speaking, in the site, first of all pay attention to the characteristics of the target consumer group, including who do business? What are the fixed residents around the flow of customers? What? Secondly, to the level of income from consumer groups to determine the consumption level and consumption trend, forecast for the next six months. Finally, to consider the rent factors should be taken into account sales forecast, gross profit, cost level, location choice decision. read more

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fashion store operators want to improve profitability, you have to think some useful ways. We all know that the industry competition, but the profit margins are also very attractive, so as long as the election of the method, or can easily profit countless. Xiao Bian to provide a few points to share, I hope you can easily gain a good profit.

A, let the customer know your fashion stores

is women’s franchise bogey nobody knows, shops are not known, then how could the sales performance. Therefore, to promote your women’s stores, to strengthen efforts to publicize, is the so-called gold monument, silver monument, as the people’s reputation". This is a very important step, because a good beginning is half the battle. read more

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Xining Huacheng plateau forest charm summer

ten years, the forest coverage rate increased from 25% to 32%, the coverage rate increased from 30% to 40% and built the Green Zone public green area from 7.4 square meters to 12 square meters of growth.

ten years, the city’s forest coverage area from 2 million 868 thousand acres to 3 million 671 thousand and 500 acres, stumpage volume by 1 million 86 thousand cubic meters to 3 million 270 thousand cubic meters, the total output value of forestry industry increased from 30 million yuan to 247 million yuan.

a plateau landscape garden city green a charming appearance and personality, the charm of smart city. Today, Xining built area of 13520 hectares of green coverage, green area of 3398.45 hectares, urban park green area of 500.49 hectares, urban green rate of 38.62%.


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in order to really open up the shop can have a higher appeal, so that the business of the store to better business, to shop a good name is very important. So, what can be the name of the dessert cake shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few, can be used as a reference.

cake dessert shop name: Sweet Zhuang

Description: the place to sell cake dessert, of course, the name of the shop to be sweet, Zhuang people feel more special. This name let a person see know is selling desserts, the word collocation gives people a sense of fashion. read more

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college students how to innovate is an important issue, which is not only related to the future development of college students, but also with the national development can not be separated. Shanxi Province Agricultural University Students in a college entrepreneurship competition recently, proved their innovative strength.

10 25, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Agricultural University, in 21, the end of the first China "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the project "recommended by the university students’ innovative wisdom balcony vegetables planting Co.," won the silver medal in the group of creative. read more

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now, many people have a WeChat account, savvy investors have seen open micro shop prospects, this is indeed a new business opportunities to create wealth. Want to open a micro shop, you need to master a lot of skills. Micro shop how to bind WeChat public number? Today we address this issue for everyone to make a detailed answer.

reminder: binding WeChat public needs to operate in the micro shop management background and WeChat public platform, so the bound before, please open the WeChat public platform in your browser and micro shop management background two tabs to facilitate the operation. read more

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market is narrow the loss of competition grappling irregularities generally

IT times Li Dong

since 2006, the food and Drug Administration issued the first medicine B2C license, the retail industry in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of e-commerce prospects are widely optimistic. But today, the vertical pharmaceutical retail e-commerce is still tepid, compared to the line under the chain store sales, which was an auxiliary foil online retail channels. And the policy environment, price fight, for those who do the pharmaceutical business Nongchao always confused, whether the medicine electronic commerce toward where read more

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silver jewelry stores everywhere, competitive pressure is not small. If you want to successfully open jewelry stores, so how to improve the store profits? Many novice entrepreneurs are not very familiar with this brand, in fact, if you want to learn, you can refer to a lot of relevant business experience, Xiaobian compiled the relevant experience, and quickly to experience it.

from a silver into the market, sales volume is full. It is such a silver sales, so the investment is the franchise to obtain the ideal profit, silver is a very prosperous business investment projects. At present, silver product sales increased year by year, then the operator should grasp the operation method of silver industry, there can be good silver stores business earn unlimited wealth. read more

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lead: this afternoon, Chi class network held a press conference in Beijing, in addition to announced the completion of the A round of financing, intellectual class network also announced some development plan for the next.

this afternoon, the wisdom of the network held a press conference in Beijing, in addition to announcing the completion of the A round of financing, the wisdom of the network also announced some of the next development plan.

online courses in Beijing in February this year, is part of the innovative partners from the company. In June this year, the start state of their reports (and Chi class network chat with online education: the founder of online and offline), has described main mode innovation partners: there’s a very wise correction (launched in August 2013) and Chi class network two products, which focus on correcting the very wise online education link, "practice" to Crowdsourcing provide online oral English, writing marking service; Chi class network is focused on online education "learning" link, the record in the form of classroom of IELTS and TOEFL exam training services abroad. read more

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Abstract: the party as a platform for WeChat can only develop rules of positive guidance, as the micro operators in the future will become what, just let it certainly may not completely emerge of itself and perish of itself, die, just need to grope in the dark for a while.

yesterday (May 24th) the major media in forwarding a message "secret CCTV" micro business marketing ": through the development of offline" circle of friends show off their wealth, micro business once again became a target for all. read more

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Although the

AB station has become otaku portal, but they are difficult to replicate the success of

short-term Japanese teacher

May 2013, a friend named Yune, on the Japanese Yahoo website registered a reply to the business. The name of the effect of business is to help you register the animation website Bilibili, charges 1000 yen, said after the launch of the business response is very unpopular, even individual peers reported a high of 3000 yen. At the same time, in the Taobao online also appeared in a number of stores selling Bilibili invitation code, the price from 0.9 yuan to 3 yuan, the category average monthly sales of about 20 thousand yuan. read more

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July 22nd news, this morning, happy network founder Cheng Binghao published an open letter, the depth of reflection on the network in eight years of mistakes and missed opportunities. Yesterday morning, happy net the United States listed 5 failed, will return to A shares, while founder Cheng Binghao announced his resignation.

Cheng Binghao summary, happy network from 2010 began to decline in user activity, and finally become a mobile phone game company, is no longer a platform company. As for the ultimate cause of this outcome, he believes that neither false nor happy net, micro-blog WeChat, but in two, one is to steal food to stop, also has the life cycle; the two is not just a social acquaintance, to become the largest pillar of a product. read more

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soft Wen marketing as the most popular a kind of network marketing method, soft is to break the threshold of hard advertising, with strong psychological suggestion to stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. However, many companies know that they do not know why, however, due to the consumer psychology is not allowed to grasp, often missed the opportunity to receive good results. So we are in the process of soft marketing, how do we take care of the needs of consumers to buy, what is the common user psychology? Small compiled the following 6 points for your reference: read more

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to distinguish these black sites for the general Internet users is indeed a difficult thing

"more than 90% pornographic websites and fake websites use the.Com domain name is." Even Japan, a number of pornographic websites and fake websites have been exposed, and the subtle relationship between these "cancer network" and ".Com" domain name triggered strong concern, more insiders shout: for the healthy development of the Internet,.Com regulatory norms and enhance imminent. read more

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last week, Pinterest news website continuously.


online content sharing the latest data service Shareaholic released in June, recommended traffic Pinterest social photo sharing site with more than Twitter, the social web recommendation engine Stumbleupon, Bing and Google. Over the past year, Pinterest’s monthly visitors increased from 700 thousand to nearly 20 million, equivalent to half of Twitter users. (I want Tucao: Twitter is not good.


news two

July 10th, Home Furnishing, petal revision, strengthening travel classification interest is closely related with consumption, when micro-blog said: "in recent weeks to think about Pinterest and a lot of e-commerce website cooperation, personal feeling interest recommendation engine petals in walking direction, causing enthusiasts gathered through interest, subsequent consumption may be estimated, the next step will be to cooperate with the domestic electronic commerce website." read more

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believes that today, everyone has advantages of XX fitting room things discussed many times, but in small series, they are the uniform bad. Whether this event is not marketing, anyway, is a failure. Then, a grade of the fitting room marketing should be how to play? Four case to tell you.

, everybody knows that. In related news, a few days ago and XX fitting room photos and videos, causing numerous onlookers and forwarding. It has been questioned whether the excellent XX marketing, and the user’s personal information. During the day, colleagues at the office to discuss the matter, Xiao Bian: not to regard it as right which company will be stupid enough to take their own Gu Ke (Shang) (DI) of the right to privacy joke, spread the so-called play! Evening dinner with friends, and asked the views on this question, Xiaobian intolerable and you, decided to seriously talk about. read more

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