IDC Review Network ( 05 reported on May: Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest global.CN domain name registration data. It shows that as of April 2014, the global.CN domain name registration total has risen to 10666626 in March, a net increase of 308567, an increase of considerable.

(Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

as shown in Figure 1, in the past six months, the development trend of the global.CN domain names tend to be good, but the growth is not stable, one after another. Which in 2013 of December,.CN domain name registration reached the highest value of 10829480. However, into the early 2014,.CN domain name into a period of low tide, negative growth in the domain name. Fortunately, in March, the total number of.CN domain recovery, once again exceeded 10 million in April,.CN domain name registration has increased to nearly 10 million 670 thousand. read more

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December 2008 08, the ancient Qiang science and technology NetSNS V1.5.0 build1208 free version of the official release, easy to integrate with a variety of site system.

NetSNS is based on the development of social networking site Asp.Net system. Can be integrated with a variety of interactive Web applications, the entire product using advanced technology (SQL2000 database, Ajax, Div+CSS layout, and many other popular elements of the network which included), suitable for all aspects of the application requirements. Provide a safe, stable, efficient, easy to use, fast SNS platform. NetSNS platform has a very rich expansion of entertainment features, will shorten the distance between you and Facebook, happy network and other well-known SNS community, with the most advanced technology to help you build your own private exclusive entertainment community. read more

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news November 7th, the day before the Tissot watch refers to Groupon selling fake Tissot issue, Gaopeng today issued a statement that the sale was indeed fake Tissot, things because of business cooperation (Tianjin gold trade three) to provide false proxy information, said consumers buy off the table in addition to refund may obtain 200 yuan compensation. (Wen Gao)

the following is the text of the statement:


of Tissot after further investigation, found the Gaopeng business cooperation, Tianjin City gold three trading company, providing false information to the agent qualification mark. Fraud using false agent qualification information is Gaopeng intolerable. In this regard, Gaopeng outrage, and launched the report and legal procedures, hope that through legal means should protect the rights and interests of consumers and gaopeng. read more

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a newcomer to the Internet is often not a place to learn or teaching materials are not enough, but the ability to perform with the mentality.

read as reading a book, I remember in just the basic network in the United States when a friend gave me a "lost classic" to get rich. First of all, this is a good friend, he had participated in the SEO teacher Wang Tong training, and now studying in the United states. There is nothing to discredit him.

as a result of access to the network is to understand from the other side of the contact, there is a long time to earn 600 this book. And that is free of charge and no care is still in the u-disk. read more

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I’ve been in Hangzhou for 9 years, and I’ve been living in a hotel. There are times with Suning CEO to eat, we talk about the property, because Hangzhou prices rose a lot these years, many people have to buy a house investment, but I never thought to buy a house, I do not have the time. The best investment is not the house, but to invest in their own, all the driving force of innovation comes from themselves, to constantly challenge themselves.

Ali is also a process of self challenge, after I went to Ali for more than a year, Taobao mall started not so well, do the business people go, I was with CEO, rivers and lakes called Tiemuzhen "Lu Zhaoxi said, I will help. Because want to make this business to survive, there is a "double 11" singles day ideas. read more

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, according to people familiar with the blue whale TMT revealed that four of cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud "executives have left, the four were: Zong Dongdong CTO, Gui Bowen O2O, general manager of cross-border business and is responsible for Du Ping Zhao Zhe, Ma m vice president of operations.

however, the turnover of honey bud "have yet to open the four executives, called the" blue whale TMT honey bud "public relations department, confirmed the four executives have been leaving. read more

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