with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, people for higher living level is also rising, the current investment start luggage shop became many ordinary people successful in the official career platform. Why do you say that? According to statistics, the annual China light leather processing of more than 500 million square meters, so we can see people on the leather products strong consumer demand, where there is a market where there is wealth, this is the everlasting truth, so open the luggage store became a very popular investment platform. read more

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will not give the name of their company or shop, it does not matter, as long as we can grasp the relevant points, to operate a suitable name for the shop will be very simple thing. So, what is the name of the beauty salon?

What is the name of the

beauty salon? When you are ready to give up when the company name, there must be a lot of new ideas, this is really a good thing to stimulate your creativity, but don’t play word games to randompacking, made up of words or phrases as your company’s title. You may ask, how can there be a lot of companies are so named, but also very successful, such as the United States famous Verizon telecom service providers? read more

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now, the hand of a smart phone, has been the status quo of the Chinese people. Intelligent mobile phone currently has "gimmick, innovation is dead" deadlock, 6 years ago the first apple iPhone mobile phone mobile phone can subvert history, in recent years, digital technology fans will shout "too enjoyable", and not wait for the mobile phone field intelligent machine products under a shock four.

LG new G2 flagship mobile phone, in addition to having the configuration parameters of the current most popular, what is unique? Many people think that the back of the camera is just below the volume control device.

this several mobile phone could hardly have been the representative of intelligent mobile phone, brand businesses to fight is no longer a smart mobile phone breakthrough, is only act tough and talk soft upgrade. Intelligent mobile phone market in the world into a bottleneck, Samsung and apple as the main representative of the high-end market is close to saturation when he emerged from the apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy low cost cheap mobile phone and NOKIA in the low-end low-end smart machine gimmick.

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liquid wallpaper is now a good decoration building materials, and now, the development trend of liquid wallpaper franchise industry is getting higher and higher. Like in the liquid wallpaper stores on the market take the initiative, usually store location is good or bad for days after the operation effect is very big, so the liquid wallpaper store opened in the franchise where good? Xiao Bian introduced.

decided to invest in liquid wallpaper stores, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to compare all the site options and some details of the preparation. Liquid wallpaper store how to choose? In the roughly estimated that the premise of the site profit situation, let the liquid wallpaper franchise company network development personnel to conduct field investigation and judgment, and finally determine the choice of shops. No matter who joined the shop has no experience, should be in accordance with the franchisee to join the policy implementation. read more

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October 17th afternoon, the car sold today announced the completion of $20 million A+ round of financing, the investor Weimao letter capital, innovation works and the northern lights.

The car hit the car dealers selling

B2B service, but in the previous prior to the "buy the car" known to the outside world in B2C mode, the specific mode, the main hope that through the "sell car" and "car networking online platform", "car finance and other services to help dealers solve a one-stop source of cars, money and transfer issues, through the information flow, capital flow and logistics to enhance the efficiency of the national automobile dealers, help to improve operation efficiency and profit rate, reduce operating costs, to build a new car circulation platform. read more

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micro-blog users broke Jingdong recharge system vulnerabilities


technology news October 31st morning news, according to many Sina micro-blog users broke the news, market Jingdong recharge platform (http://chongzhi.360buy.com/) last night around 22:30 loopholes, many users taking calls using this vulnerability, and lawyers remind these users may be suspected of theft.

Jingdong recharge platform vulnerability

today, many users broke the news on micro-blog, said last night between 22:30-23:40, the Jingdong recharge platform appeared BUG (vulnerability): integral recharge activities launched by Jingdong in the same period, whether or not to charge fees to charge Q money deducted points, means that users can free unlimited recharge. read more

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, for example, afraid to drink Wang Laoji. It is the use of scene Quhuo, when you get angry, you think it may not remove hot, but Wang Laoji.

different scenes, will form different products.

the same product, in different scenarios, in fact, the meaning is different. In a different position, it will become a different product.

takes the number 0 as an example.

number 0 represents different meanings in different places in life. When it is used in temperature, 0 is a freezing point. When it appears on a test volume, it is 0. When it is used to describe the number of time, on behalf of a No. read more

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in 2010, a national blind crazy. From the table after the first fruits of the wind, to large and small TV stations to follow, the whole country like crazy. I don’t want to go to the middle of the judge true or false or which is right and which is wrong. In the end it is a farce. Since it is the wind blew after naturally dispersed, but the length of time. But I want to say is, under the marketing strategy of a dragon and a tiger in combat contest, is fully deserve the protagonist. So let’s talk about the marketing strategy. And what are the lessons can be learned. read more

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these days suddenly found a new dimension of grassroots level, that is, I am very serious Internet vdoing. with Baidu to search for this thing. It is a statistical device. Some people say that someone scolded. As a spectator in the heart of the biggest feeling is that this year in China’s Internet industry is still crazy than normal people. For those of us the most common than to see jokes.

but from the Baidu search out so many news and posts, this dimension does not seem to be joking, they are very confident and calm. No matter be scolded or are applauded for they are very quiet, this is a kind of thinking, is also a kind of behavior strategy. Fortunately, they are very clever, clever know how to use their own money to do the right thing. read more

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ads in jiaduobao, people always see a group of ebullience young people gather to drink, youthful face, and "brand rejuvenation" is the inherent logic of jiaduobao a series of marketing action.

last year, JDB launched a pot of gold, and the layout of the mobile Internet plus "strategy. The new tank launched last year, has not shaken the JDB brand in the minds of consumers in position. From Chinese Food Industry Association released the "2015 annual beverage industry overall operation report" shows that the herbal tea JDB canned herbal tea market accounted for 70.6% share of sales. Jiaduobao creatively in two-dimensional code printed on the herbal tea, let the pot of gold has become a new traffic entrance, but also makes the jiaduobao become FMCG beverage industry in the layout of the mobile Internet plus "enterprise. read more

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advertising company divided into many categories, a professional design company, design company, professional VI design company, and professional Outdoor Advertising Company, have seen one search scheme of network marketing advertising company, but does not know that every kind of advertising is different, the scheme is not the same, say you want to build a website, need for "network company", but the network is divided into many categories, such as "Lan wiring, installation" network overall planning, construction site ", although called" network company ", but the service is different, so the first suggested that if you in the network to find the corresponding marketing plan, must according to the service, rather than according to the type of company. read more

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QQ happy farm fiery, how many such a small game will come out? Now no one knows, but the QQ ranch is definitely out! Type and QQ farm has certain difference! This is just the double reason, so this new trend of the new era of opportunities will come out! Is not only in the United States, Taiwan, China, are the people of the game! We should call them the world happy farm.

according to Taiwan media reports, Facebook happy farm caused a lot of controversy, there are civil servants work vegetables were arrested, and the company has expressly provided, employees can access the planting time; happy farm caused so many topics, but now the workers do not get distracted, someone made up 1 new dollar 20 yuan, can help you to harvest. In the farm service, which caused a warm response. A lot of netizens suit, the most part is college students. read more

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news July 11th, completed 50 million yuan Angel Investment announced 39 days before the Internet hospital, the investment valuation of 500 million yuan, of which 15 million investment led longmaster information, IDG’s venture capital fund with investment 10 million, Guiyang 10 million, natural investment 15 million.

two years ago, Langma information began to build Internet hospital. In June 27, 2014, nearly 3 months of suspension Langma information throws the health sector cross-border news intends to acquire 100% stake in Guangzhou Kai health information, to enable students to get information under the China leading healthcare vertical field site 39 Health Network, and entered the healthcare industry big data. read more

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micro Media Alliance (columnist Yu Chenghong) with the rapid development of the Internet era, all kinds of information spread at an alarming rate in the global scope, the ever-changing information makes the world change rapidly changes. With the development of the Internet, the network media has gradually replaced the traditional media in people’s lives. On the Internet, each account, like a small media, the forum posts, forwarding micro-blog, comment news…… Countless information, ideas, attitudes will be imported into the vast sea of the internet. Everyone, as a small media, through the Internet this special platform, to convey information around the world. At present, nearly 500 million Internet users, the efforts of the 300 million micro-blog users, since the media constantly radiate out of the huge energy of the masses. read more

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took over the operation of the Baoan people’s livelihood network (www.baoanren.com/bbs) forum channel for more than 3 months, today, I want to talk about a post, with the account of the marketing of the local life of the promotion of the quality of the portal.

is the following content:

last Sunday, the son of noisy but always going to eat the world of hunan.

half past six to follow her husband, with his son and daughter walking to the world over hunan. Way to Baoan Haiya department store, see a shop doorway stood a lot of people, all wearing a yellow T-shirt, took a look to know is a group of students to engage in activities in the. read more

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recently, Taobao’s two SNS platform McGrady and backyard was exposed, which is Taobao once again wading SNS. Although Taobao repeatedly failed in the social electricity supplier on the road, but it is not able to stop the pace of exploration of Taobao in the social road. Ma Yun has been very optimistic about the social electricity supplier, and to make full efforts to build a social networking platform Taobao. Although repeatedly failed, but it also proves that the social electricity supplier has become a new trend. read more

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It is close to the

babe network investors recently revealed that babe network D round of financing is nearing completion, the old VC NLVC for the new entrants to the investor. A reporter asked to close high-level babe on one occasion, the other said no publicly available information, but after the Senate voted for the investment community that have already signed the agreement, and said that in fact, at the end of last year has been low-key babe network to complete the C+ round of financing.

if the rumors are true, babe network will become the first large capital inflows in 2016 the electricity supplier "unicorn". Beibei online a public financing information is at the beginning of last year, today the capital led the $100 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, the success among the "unicorn" star company. read more

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Hello, I am Crespo card men’s founder Wu Shihui, today I am honored to stand here to meet you. Today can stand on this stage, thanks to the Taobao platform, thanks to the stage of Internet e-commerce development has been quietly doing with the webmaster friends and guest brothers, thank you, thank you all for the prosperity of the industry’s efforts.

Taobao alliance is, as far as I know, is the most effective Internet companies, the highest input-output ratio of the promotion platform. Crespo card on-line from 07 years of the day Ali mother have a concern and participate in the promotion of the stationmaster alliance, we through the Taobao way off in the Taobao alliance promotion, we not only become Taobao off the top sellers but also in the minds of consumers to establish their own brand. At the same time, as the Taobao alliance of the beneficiaries, to participate in the Taobao alliance who contest, we hope to provide more resources to support more thoughtful, creative, ambitious webmaster friends, so that they can be more rapid growth. Because we agree with Taobao alliance, and to make the effective way to promote to carry forward, so that the entire industry can benefit from the rapid and healthy development, I think this is the entire e-commerce industry the significance of the event. read more

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network operators:  

        network (  www.M18.com  Chinese) was opened by the largest mail order company in Shanghai Mcglaughlin international mailorder Co. Ltd. in April 2000 an e-commerce portal.   network mainly through online commodity sales and service to provide comprehensive, timely, convenient and high-quality, the establishment of functional diversification, the use of simple and quick, convenient with the shopping online store, consumers become China preferred shopping site, its slogan is through the use of the Internet which is a convenient tool to minimize cost, convenience and benefit to the consumers.  

* network provides a richer and more favorable for merchandise, fashion apparel, jewelry watches, Home Furnishing life, beauty care, pet products such as    
* network has a perfect payment platform, the status of various payment methods adapted to the domestic. The coupon payment, network support account cash account payment, postal remittance, credit card payment, the bank commissioned by telegraphic transfer, cash on delivery, online payment and other payment methods, fully adapt to the domestic e-commerce environment. Online payment support SET protocol and SSL protocol and other online payment methods.  
* network has a complete logistics system: network support post, EMS, express delivery and other delivery methods, can satisfy different needs of delivery. The company has ten thousand square meters of delivery center with the ability to contract ten thousand, far ahead of most B2C e-commerce sites.  
    & nbsp;    ;         effective gift card sales of 0-1 million     2%    1-10 million   3%

: 27217362 read more

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