since the beginning of last year, more and more investment in mergers and acquisitions between technology companies, mergers and acquisitions and investment targets are also small companies began to shift to large companies.

‘s recent case was $586 million for to buy Sina’s stake in micro-blog, and is likely to raise its stake to $30%. This is the largest amount of trade in the technology industry this year.

Alibaba shares Sina micro-blog rumors have appeared a few months ago, and now finally settled. Over the past two years, Alibaba made a number of investment and acquisition of the transaction, prior to its acquisition of the mobile Internet data analysis firms alliance, rumors of the acquisition price of $80 million. read more

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      in the network for a long time, people seem to have become abnormal, always feel like a data packets in the network, to be manipulated the mouse to the back and send it, if you don’t even know how I should this is the.

      more than a little sidetracked, to start:
      as to the analysis, first said yourself, N, after watching young cynic began to curse me, ^_^
      first class: call our body person, this much I don’t know, but I think it is not much, was a hot blooded youth, think the network is should be fully shared, what if it is much more to come, as long as there are people who need to directly send out, think more friends of the way, it wanted to send out after things or just like no echo, fell into the sea that engraved with the "splash", since it only heard the sound of the sea waves, don’t see the voice of the monarch fart. Or jjww said a non-stop, not complete what ah, what toxic ah, what is wrong. Or is found among people in the network to sell the code a few days later, consider how this thing is to sell it, remain perplexed despite much thought, suddenly wake up one night in a dream, only their own feelings of Dawu, encountered a liar code ah. After all the code, and will not be ignored, what is more, the code generated fear Zheng, who direct black list to the code, this network is the emergence of a large number of young cynic turned on, do not stop abuse, said a person with the code when the baby. World conscience. Don’t scold… read more

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China in the Five Secrets of Yalong a Baidu Post Bar promotion! The first mentioned that there must be an attractive title.

a lot of people, whether it is to write ads or write soft Wen, or papers, essays are also OK, he did not know how to write the title, or to write the title is not attractive.

if an article in the Baidu post or forum, if there is not enough attractive titles will soon sink. For example, with a monthly advertising text, a good headline hits is the title of the bad times, bad traffic is several times the same amount of money to bring. If the conversion rate is the same as the flow of several times the difference, then the order is certainly reflected several times. read more

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I think for a long time "the form of interlocution promotion I am to share or not to share it before

to write this article?", finally Mou Changqing teacher persuaded me (of course I know him, he doesn’t know me, but I often) in his attention to his blog, I learned a lot, so I still the determination of website promotion methods and we share together.

questions and answers in the form of promotion is the method I tried, the effect is very obvious. In fact, this method you master in their website promotion also mentioned, but I read so much seems to have no a webmaster this method is regarded as the focus and specific, I want to be with your own website about the nature. This question and answer form is more suitable for the promotion of online shopping mall (store) website, because the promotion of the goal is more clear, but also the most potential customers. Well, below I will share with you my method of operation. read more

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Tudou, Youku, my music network…… These depend on the risk of investment and the rapid development of the Internet video website or quickly find buyers of state-owned capital, by the end of the month or close? Last week, SARFT and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service in January 31, 2008, stipulates that only state-owned or state-controlled units personnel can Internet audio-visual program management. read more

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in the recruitment network under the impact of media recruitment may soon disappear from sight. But online recruitment is facing a new crisis.

as to the quick recruitment fortune 51job, is currently the last home of a more well-known media retained recruitment business enterprise, but the media recruitment seriously. Yesterday, according to the qianchengwuyou insider told the "First Financial Daily" said the media recruitment business in the company’s revenue in the proportion has dropped to about 10%, while the online recruitment has become the main business of the company, the proportion of revenues accounted for more than 80%. read more

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for a long time did not come to the webmaster network, recently more busy, no time to send articles. Below I write the article is completely true, not hype is not want to cheat flow. We like the support, do not like not to step on the good.

early period of time to sell a domain name, that is, before I wrote the article, Baidu 1 days of the domain name. Really do not want to give up a bit, but the domain name used to do the forum, and not suitable for me, so simply sold, to do a forum to play. In an hour before the forum, I think, what are the most popular? But Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum like bullshit?. How do. Finally I think, is QQ, then immediately to the domain name registration, QQ1~QQ200 has tried all the domain name is registered, and then intend to register the QQ317 hand, wrong by the results of QQ318., is not registered, I quickly pay registration, immediately set up forums, on the same day, on the well section, the basic ready. What is not what SEO tube. Optimize the page, what to do, how to do? I do not understand, then do not do. read more

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and Zhou Hongyi began to price war of words, and 360 special machines, and then to the new version of the intensive marketing price, the news of millet has never broken. Its marketing and planning capabilities through micro-blog and other ways is also quite strong early in the morning to open the site there is such a millet phone news:

just opened the official website of millet, although in a state of shortage, but the price is already 1299..

23:15 in the evening of August 14th, Lei Jun micro-blog by Liu Qiangdong tone, micro-blog wrote: "tonight, I also rather baffling excitement. Final decision…… Millet mobile phone directly to the price of 1299 yuan". This means that the price of millet phone will be down 700 yuan. In addition, Lei Jun said that over the past two weeks in the official website of millet buy millet generation mobile phone users can get 700 yuan cash coupon. read more

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Abstract: we take a look at the inventory, those wonderful founder and start-up companies, of course, is the focus of the founder, because only the wonderful talent will create a wonderful company. By the way to miss the start of the wave of investment boom hustle and bustle of 2014.

mobile Internet and O2O hot, let VC be at a loss what to do next, afraid to miss the Alibaba, unfamiliar street, the United States led the world…. venture capital tournament staged a variety of Demons and monsters danced like mad.. Some investment institutions while shouting "bubble theory" while crazy grab items. read more

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is the traditional marketing advertisers to educate consumers product concept, and network media to break the traditional concept of marketing, regardless of age or gender, to determine the marketing object according to the user behavior, through real-time feedback to enhance the effectiveness of marketing. Network marketing has a lot of ways, but also by what means and consumer communication? Below the Changsha network promotion to talk about why the network marketing more understanding of consumers: read more

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the "generator" interface, the input "false evaluation" generated by

pictures for journalists

Legal Evening News (reporter Luo Xiaojing) yesterday, a "secret" in the circle of friends how transaction records and dialogue post caused many users attention, Post said micro manufacturers to sell the product in the circle of friends, high turnover record, buyers praise is made by software.

"Legal Evening News" reporter survey found that the installation of the name "WeChat dialogue generator" and other computer software, the user can freely set the "customer" and WeChat chat, cheat. The use of these software for cosmetic businesses, software charges at four hundred or five hundred yuan. read more

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] September 26th news billion state power network, 10 o’clock this morning, the Ministry of Commerce held a special conference of electronic commerce. At the meeting, the Ministry of Commerce summed up the development of e-commerce in recent years, the six characteristics, which focus on cross-border e-commerce has become a new hot spot.

Ministry of commerce data show that China’s cross-border electronic business platform has more than 5000 companies, domestic cross-border e-commerce platform through various companies have more than 20 million, in 2012 China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions amounted to 2 trillion yuan. read more

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eCPM (Effective CPM) is a very important parameter of Google Adsense, according to this parameter, you can analyze the Google AdSense on your website advertising effect, and to optimize and adjust the advertising targeted, in order to improve the income.

so what is eCPM? AdSense in the help document is so explained:

effective display cost per thousand (Effective CPM) – cost per one thousand shows. From the publisher’s point of view, the cost per thousand shows is a very useful way to compare the revenue of different channels and advertising programs. It is calculated by dividing the total income by one thousand times. For example, if the publisher’s display number is 45000, the income obtained is US$180, the cost per thousand display is equal to US$180/45, or US$4.00. read more

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