Micro blog high popularity of enterprises need long term training

with the growing number of micro-blog users, the development of mobile social networking platform, the value of micro-blog marketing highlights. Businesses are also keeping up with the pace of the times, have to enter the field of micro-blog. However, micro-blog as a new thing, has its unique existence, but also in the marketing of micro-blog is also different. Therefore, businessmen to the micro-blog platform for product promotion display skills to the full power, also have the characteristics of follow micro-blog’s own survival, and actively create high popularity. read more

Wu Shihui Taobao Crespo card alliance development imperative

Hello, I am Crespo card men’s founder Wu Shihui, today I am honored to stand here to meet you. Today can stand on this stage, thanks to the Taobao platform, thanks to the stage of Internet e-commerce development has been quietly doing with the webmaster friends and guest brothers, thank you, thank you all for the prosperity of the industry’s efforts.

Taobao alliance is, as far as I know, is the most effective Internet companies, the highest input-output ratio of the promotion platform. Crespo card on-line from 07 years of the day Ali mother have a concern and participate in the promotion of the stationmaster alliance, we through the Taobao way off in the Taobao alliance promotion, we not only become Taobao off the top sellers but also in the minds of consumers to establish their own brand. At the same time, as the Taobao alliance of the beneficiaries, to participate in the Taobao alliance who contest, we hope to provide more resources to support more thoughtful, creative, ambitious webmaster friends, so that they can be more rapid growth. Because we agree with Taobao alliance, and to make the effective way to promote to carry forward, so that the entire industry can benefit from the rapid and healthy development, I think this is the entire e-commerce industry the significance of the event. read more

Adsense network launched the domain name auction activities

15:45 on July 14th, stationmaster net launched the domain name auction, the auction by way of auction QQ group, the scene is unusually hot! As of 16:13, in the QQ group (group number 11307927) successful auction domain (66kk.com and fzl173.cn). 66kk.com transfer on the spot, fzl173.cn owners and bidders are handling domain name transfer procedures!

activity details address: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-266026-1-1.html

Wang said that the auction is just a simple attempt, a friend in need can contact the graph king (Figure QQ 47066 Wang Tel: 13013980666) or forum posts in the back, according to the actual situation, may arrange a day read more

Russian electricity supplier also choose the network is the founding team of Red China 90

June 17th news, in July of this year, the local electricity supplier platform Tobox Moscow will host a beauty contest in Moscow University, to build a network of red incubator.

it is understood that Tobox is a Russian local C2C platform, the founding team is the main members of the 90 youth from China, respectively, from VK, Amazon, Yandex and other companies. Tobox to tap Russia’s largest social networking site vk.com on the network red seller as a model of promotion.

The spread effect of read more

U S home appliance brand Jarden stationed in Jingdong


technology news April 19th morning news, Jingdong (JD.COM) strategic cooperation with supplies and outdoor supplies production group Jarden reached a period of 3 years, the Jingdong will be Jarden Home Furnishing supplies division in only China market network channel retailers.

it is understood that the Jarden to join the Jingdong into the China market, the first to introduce the Oster, FoodSaver, Bionaire, Rival four brands, including blender, coffee machine, electric cooker, electric kettle, household vacuum fresh-keeping system, air purifiers, humidifiers and other mainstream home appliances category. Jarden group of other products into the Chinese market in the future, will also give priority to cooperation with Jingdong. read more

Usability design of electricity supplier website evaluation module

in the tide of development like a raging fire in today’s electricity supplier price war, the traditional is no longer the focus of businesses are only competition, how to establish a good user experience, has been valued by more and more businessmen. Jingdong mall as the largest B2C market 3C professional online shopping platform, in the evaluation of the call on the usability of the design, it takes into account the user experience. Experience (User, UE) is a kind of pure subjective, in the user use the product process to build up the feeling. In the innovation of knowledge oriented society in China 2 — the application of innovation park model, the user experience as the first of the "three test" innovation mechanism. Our marketing is from the sensory experience, interactive experience, emotional experience, browsing experience and experience of trust in five aspects of analysis and evaluation under the Jingdong store call today. read more

Zhang Yong Tmall electric economics Pathfinder

he was once a financial officer, dealing with numbers every day, he is now adept at the helm of China’s largest and most potential B2C e-commerce platform – Alibaba group’s Tmall.

for this experience, Zhang Yong named "the doings of ghosts and gods". Prior to joining Taobao, he served as a grand two years CFO. Earlier, it is engaged in the electricity supplier has not associated with accounting, consulting industry.

however, the atypical Internet talent but in the entire B2C industry generally adopted "burning heating" approach, to develop a set of unique operation rules, hoping to find a clear and the road of sustainable development. read more

The foreign capital giant FedEx and UPS was the first domestic express licence

yesterday, the State Post Bureau official website revealed that in September 6th, the State Post Bureau approved the FedEx (Chinese) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as FedEx), UPS (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UPS) operating domestic express business.

this is the 2009 "China Postal Law" since the implementation of the first foreign courier companies domestic express license. Also as the world’s four largest express company in the June, they submitted a license in the application in the face of praise from all walks of life are not the same as the voice, and finally get a license for the two. read more

Popular player installation advertising expires the seller should pay attention to stop

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 472. Popular player installation. Effective from October 25, 2006, will expire on February 4, 2008 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before February 4th) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of February 4th, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. February 4th 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. read more

Shanghai express industry pay three jump price pressure or pass the first downstream

Each reporter Dai Yu

from Shanghai

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, after the Spring Festival, Shanghai many courier companies raised courier wages, part of the increase of 10%~20%, but companies still reflect recruitment difficulties.

"now it is very difficult," Xia Zubin STO marketing director yesterday to the "daily economic news" said, "regardless of basic salary or other aspects of the overall treatment to be raised, because now it is difficult to recruit people." read more

Micro business model does not disappear but in evolution

"the first thing you have to understand their desire, then you will pass your products to meet, and they are in accordance with your expectations in the use process, you know what will they go to their evolution, then you on the side to watch on the line." WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong once said. Micro business has been bustling suddenly plummeted in the circle of friends, "Refresh" has become rare, does not mean that the derivative in the back, but in no sense of "trampling each other" rush on like a swarm of hornets midway adjustment. However, wait until the outbreak of the micro business again, after the main micro dealer will undergo a fundamental change after shuffling, and micro business play has begun to common sense". read more

B2C collective transformation is not optimistic about the rational return of B2B Kung Fu

2010, the electronic commerce in China also ushered in the second golden period of development for ten years, in the first ten years of e-commerce calm ready, the next performance will be more eye-catching, reported that Chinese e-commerce market will usher in a blowout era, not only the overall network prevails, with electronic commerce and the online shopping will also be bound towards deepening. In the implementation of the real name system under the strong protection of e-commerce applications without touching. read more

Yiqifa network mall the return of the king Yiqifa joint landing

network operators:  

        network (  www.M18.com  Chinese) was opened by the largest mail order company in Shanghai Mcglaughlin international mailorder Co. Ltd. in April 2000 an e-commerce portal.   network mainly through online commodity sales and service to provide comprehensive, timely, convenient and high-quality, the establishment of functional diversification, the use of simple and quick, convenient with the shopping online store, consumers become China preferred shopping site, its slogan is through the use of the Internet which is a convenient tool to minimize cost, convenience and benefit to the consumers.  

* network provides a richer and more favorable for merchandise, fashion apparel, jewelry watches, Home Furnishing life, beauty care, pet products such as    
* network has a perfect payment platform, the status of various payment methods adapted to the domestic. The coupon payment, network support account cash account payment, postal remittance, credit card payment, the bank commissioned by telegraphic transfer, cash on delivery, online payment and other payment methods, fully adapt to the domestic e-commerce environment. Online payment support SET protocol and SSL protocol and other online payment methods.  
* network has a complete logistics system: network support post, EMS, express delivery and other delivery methods, can satisfy different needs of delivery. The company has ten thousand square meters of delivery center with the ability to contract ten thousand, far ahead of most B2C e-commerce sites.  
    & nbsp;    ;         effective gift card sales of 0-1 million     2%    1-10 million   3%

: 27217362 read more

Small and medium sites use advertising alliance to make money

often browse the site to a friend must have seen " ads by Google " and " ", " Baidu alliance; alimama "and other words, this is advertising, it is the most chief source of income. Now at home and abroad, there are many advertising alliance in the country to do a better job, there are many well-known. In an era of increasing Internet users, we should not think about how to maximize the benefits of the use of advertising alliance.

advertising alliance is composed of advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform composed of three parts. Advertisers in accordance with the click of the online advertising to pay the site webmaster. Adsense is through advertising alliance platform, choose the right way to advertise their own website, and then hang up the advertiser’s ad to improve their income, that is, the flow of the site into their own income. read more

Double eleven preheating electricity providers who must seize the opportunity

season yiyezhiqiu, walked with her light step, with people living in the cold quietly invasion. In the field of electricity providers in people throughout the economy, double eleven still Mianbugaise in the major electricity supplier platform interpretation of his masculine heat: Tmall double eleven A5 double preheating, eleven special and so on.

Double eleven

last year, Tmall turnover exceeded 19 billion 100 million yuan, it is a pretty unprecedented victory. As for the 12 years of twelve, guide the sale of a C2B to both sides, so that buyers will set the price, also show the charm of his personality. read more

Shop push Valet grave kowtow to 100 yuan


Times News (reporter Wang Mei) the film "private custom" in behalf of the people complained grave plot has become a reality, taobao.com also appeared grave valet service, as long as the buyer to pay a fee, the seller will grave worship service in accordance with the requirements of buyers, including the generation of kneeling, crying, on behalf of the flowers. The charge of 500 yuan. Reporters found that, although many of the shops to provide such services, but most shops have shown 0 transactions". read more

From the stars you teach entrepreneurs how to do a good product

nowadays, the hottest way was South Korea National goddess Gianna Jun and the young as the emperor Kim Su Hyon’s TV series: "you come from the stars", the show frequently not only in the search list topped the list, more access to hundreds of millions of hits on video website. In essence, "you come from the stars" itself is a product, but for an ordinary entrepreneurs, and go crazy chase drama, as from a hot drama learn how to make a product. How to learn from such a popular Korean to do a good product? read more

Through train how 30 days to double the turnover of shops

as the saying goes: "with copper as a mirror, you can dress up; with history as a mirror, one can know from gains and losses. Mirror, Kam also." The meaning of the mirror is to let you learn, in order to better regulate their behavior. But the Chinese nation like the vast sea of history is a mirror, often back, we can harvest a lot. Today, we will talk about a "mirror" story (store growth experience), ha ha.

now Taobao Liao war course, numerous governors (Tmall) the world around the government (market segmentation, crown shop) war, many businessmen (crown) Xinyoubugan, always thinking about the rebellion, shouting: military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace!! share the store this year shop dispensers operates three main mirror drill shop. All kinds of beauty mirror, but the home industry, busy, rarely take care of, in July of this year through the recommendation of friends asked me to the arena, the market take cities and seize territory. The following picture is the operation of the store at that time. read more

Double eleven Jingdong 3C sales of millet millet break 28 million 520 thousand HUAWE tragic tears

news November 12th, vice president of Jingdong, group 3C division president Wang Xiaosong announced the Jingdong 3C real-time sales report. From November 1st to 12 at about 0 in the morning of the day of the month, the total sales of Jingdong 3C category for the 28522383 units of. Among them, the total sales of Jingdong mobile phone up to 2874031 units, the total sales of computer office category up to 14335143 units, the total sales of digital categories up to 11313209 units.

Jingdong 3C category total sales of 28522383 units read more

Sources said Tmall or push the international station facing multiple obstacles to the sea

January 8th news, Tmall 2012 at the end of the minds of the general assembly, there are some sellers have revealed that Tmall will likely be on the line in the international station in 2013, the layout of overseas retail.

at the same time, the industry has been speculation on Tmall internationalization strategy, there are three main ways, Tmall set up overseas Museum, continues to attract a large number of overseas brands, for domestic users; or Tmall direct line English station, with sellers involved in foreign trade or retail; overseas, overseas on-line Tmall, attract overseas and local suppliers in service. read more