often browse the site to a friend must have seen " ads by Google " and " ", " Baidu alliance; alimama "and other words, this is advertising, it is the most chief source of income. Now at home and abroad, there are many advertising alliance in the country to do a better job, there are many well-known. In an era of increasing Internet users, we should not think about how to maximize the benefits of the use of advertising alliance.

advertising alliance is composed of advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform composed of three parts. Advertisers in accordance with the click of the online advertising to pay the site webmaster. Adsense is through advertising alliance platform, choose the right way to advertise their own website, and then hang up the advertiser’s ad to improve their income, that is, the flow of the site into their own income. read more

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season yiyezhiqiu, walked with her light step, with people living in the cold quietly invasion. In the field of electricity providers in people throughout the economy, double eleven still Mianbugaise in the major electricity supplier platform interpretation of his masculine heat: Tmall double eleven A5 double preheating, eleven special and so on.

Double eleven

last year, Tmall turnover exceeded 19 billion 100 million yuan, it is a pretty unprecedented victory. As for the 12 years of twelve, guide the sale of a C2B to both sides, so that buyers will set the price, also show the charm of his personality. read more

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Times News (reporter Wang Mei) the film "private custom" in behalf of the people complained grave plot has become a reality, taobao.com also appeared grave valet service, as long as the buyer to pay a fee, the seller will grave worship service in accordance with the requirements of buyers, including the generation of kneeling, crying, on behalf of the flowers. The charge of 500 yuan. Reporters found that, although many of the shops to provide such services, but most shops have shown 0 transactions". read more

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nowadays, the hottest way was South Korea National goddess Gianna Jun and the young as the emperor Kim Su Hyon’s TV series: "you come from the stars", the show frequently not only in the search list topped the list, more access to hundreds of millions of hits on video website. In essence, "you come from the stars" itself is a product, but for an ordinary entrepreneurs, and go crazy chase drama, as from a hot drama learn how to make a product. How to learn from such a popular Korean to do a good product? read more

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as the saying goes: "with copper as a mirror, you can dress up; with history as a mirror, one can know from gains and losses. Mirror, Kam also." The meaning of the mirror is to let you learn, in order to better regulate their behavior. But the Chinese nation like the vast sea of history is a mirror, often back, we can harvest a lot. Today, we will talk about a "mirror" story (store growth experience), ha ha.

now Taobao Liao war course, numerous governors (Tmall) the world around the government (market segmentation, crown shop) war, many businessmen (crown) Xinyoubugan, always thinking about the rebellion, shouting: military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace!! share the store this year shop dispensers operates three main mirror drill shop. All kinds of beauty mirror, but the home industry, busy, rarely take care of, in July of this year through the recommendation of friends asked me to the arena, the market take cities and seize territory. The following picture is the operation of the store at that time. read more

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news November 12th, vice president of Jingdong, group 3C division president Wang Xiaosong announced the Jingdong 3C real-time sales report. From November 1st to 12 at about 0 in the morning of the day of the month, the total sales of Jingdong 3C category for the 28522383 units of. Among them, the total sales of Jingdong mobile phone up to 2874031 units, the total sales of computer office category up to 14335143 units, the total sales of digital categories up to 11313209 units.

Jingdong 3C category total sales of 28522383 units read more

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January 8th news, Tmall 2012 at the end of the minds of the general assembly, there are some sellers have revealed that Tmall will likely be on the line in the international station in 2013, the layout of overseas retail.

at the same time, the industry has been speculation on Tmall internationalization strategy, there are three main ways, Tmall set up overseas Museum, continues to attract a large number of overseas brands, for domestic users; or Tmall direct line English station, with sellers involved in foreign trade or retail; overseas, overseas on-line Tmall, attract overseas and local suppliers in service. read more

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The nonprofit

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) in recent years, signed "joint project agreement in the agency and the U.S. Department of Commerce (" oint Project Agreement, JPA) in September 2009 after the expiration, it will not renew the agreement, so that the ICANN from America’s Department of commerce regulation, and then obtain the complete management right.

ICANN was founded in 1998, is the governing body of the global Internet domain name system. The U.S. Department of Commerce 2003 contract with ICANN had suggested, the latter will have independent management qualification in September 30, 2006. But the U.S. Commerce Department said in September 2006, with ICANN to renew for three years, namely before September 2009, ICANN is still under the U.S. Department of Commerce Management. The Ministry of Commerce said at the time, the future will gradually reduce the Internet transaction management, the ultimate goal is to establish an independent management right ICANN. read more

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believe that there are many Taobao customers or individual owners, they have their own shops or online shopping platform, but all have the same kind of experience, that is after trying to sell a company and a supplier provided by the supply channels, found that almost all the suppliers there are all kinds of problems, cause these sellers still can not find satisfactory suppliers. This part of the seller or the Taobao personal webmaster, are basically in the form of a part-time, namely normal work, just aspiring to join the network industry, but because of their work’s sake, don’t have much time or money to their wholesale procurement of goods, so some have chosen to sell the products of others mainly, this can save a lot of time, do not bear the risk of the backlog of goods inventory, is the first time a lot of open shop sellers preferred way. read more

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our ancestor has a understanding of the economy, the so-called "the world, are to benefit", for marketers to sell goods, not the pursuit of profit maximization can be called "work", which has "no rape is not", the words "upside down into business is not evil, also set up. This is on the line is not easy to achieve, because buyers can be better than three, the best thing is sure to buy color and quality; but that is easy to realize on line, online shopping is about to see pictures by the feeling, so buy something unsatisfactory is normal, and even some people will also buy two or more of the same goods, one is desirable. read more

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In 2006, it was said that this year is the first year of China’s Internet video, there are people who say that the first year of the first month of July (in the world cup in July is the peak period). It is not a very scientific, but indistinct say a simple fact that the Internet is the mainstream of transition from narrowband to broadband, multimedia content including video, audio, text content from the transition to a single.

steps leading up to a critical point, usually leads to qualitative change. So, as long as there is data to prove that the video content at a certain point in time accounted for a certain proportion of Internet content, said the first year of the video, it can be, there is nothing you can not. read more

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yesterday announced the Alibaba second quarter performance is not outstanding, unexpectedly bright, revenue growth of 61% to $1 billion 740 million, net profit rose 159% to $707 million. Maintain the rapid growth of the performance of Alibaba, is now the focus of the parties to protect the object. Once before IPO growth slowed sharply, will pose a major threat to YAHOO and Softbank in local shares, so everyone dare not let down.

however, very surprisingly, growth performance in bright background, Alibaba and YAHOO has signed a treaty to reduce the sale of shares to the Alibaba after the listing of YAHOO group shares from 261 million 500 thousand shares reduced to 208 million shares. Overseas analysts just jumped out of the issue of the views expressed that this is the value of YAHOO’s long-term bullish Ali, the current management has full confidence, etc.. But I think the truth is not so rich multicolored decorations and can not cover the packaging and decoration, Ali suffered a major setback in the IPO process in fact. read more

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is the three term member of the CPPCC National Committee, Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong submitted to the electronic commerce regulation, foreign investment, protection of personal information, e-government and logistics proposals this year. Among them, he proposed a clear agreement to control the behavior of corporate mergers and acquisitions, the VIE (protocol control) into the regulation, causing strong concern in the industry.

"agreement control" refers to the actual or potential economic source of the enterprise, but the enterprise itself does not have full control over it. This control mode is due to the development of domestic financing to support the Internet Co welcome, and Internet services (i.e. telecommunications value-added services) also be restricted the entry of foreign capital, so the design of this law mode, overseas listing "banned foreign enterprises" crack problem. read more

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apsense profile:

in February, when I knew the apsense site, but when the speed of access to Asia is very slow, so there is no recommendation. Today, try the next, access speed can also be.

published articles can earn much, there is no specific explanation, are only associated with commercial gains, that is, and advertising revenue linked, you can put Google AdSense or CJ, CB code. Make money things pretty much, but very chicken ribs.

chicken ribs recommended award

to get a referral bonus, you can get $1 when you recommend a member to earn 50$. read more

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with Wangzhuan is more popular today, shopping guide website has entered the development period, how to make their own shopping guide website talent shows itself in the new year, has become a competitive market, realize the purpose of online banking! Let’s take a look at


one: shopping guide website product selection and market analysis

The so-called

guide is to guide the consumer, not the natural selection of products, first of all do not follow the trend in the formation of product selection, to see someone selling slimming products you sell, you can go to the breast, this is unwise, this product is quite profitable, but you can see, these are the core keywords in very hot, do the manpower and the cycle is very long, but does not necessarily have a good effect, so it is best to avoid, choose products have some attention: super hot do not do, the profit is very low, it is better to take the middle value, and set the core keywords and long tail keywords in the how to choose the specific time, today is not that one, if you want to add my QQ. so detailed understanding of market analysis this will definitely not, do these, the following work will be of great help read more

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April 17th afternoon, mall Jingdong (micro-blog) today announced the signing of 80 billion yuan in the next three years home appliance purchase agreement, Jingdong CMO mall Lanye disclosed the latest Jingdong store data at the meeting site: as of April this year, the Jingdong mall has 40 million registered users, 3 April this year, orders amounted to 400 thousand per month.

yesterday, suning.com (micro-blog) high-profile held a press conference, announced this year receivable target of 30 billion yuan, and said will surpass Jingdong. Although Jingdong did not conduct a positive response to the matter, but today announced a high-profile signing of 80 billion yuan in the purchase of goods for the past three years, has no doubt that the attitude of competition. read more

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the world has only one successful 51job.com, but he has created a digital +job domain of madness. Cultivate the habit of digital +job input. Is the best choice for the domain name. Two digit suffix job.Com domain name in the world is only 100, a small number of large demand for such a domain name is very popular. We are often able to see in the transaction a little bit more of the job owner listed transactions around 50 thousand bid.

51job succeeded, followed by ChinaHR and Zhaopin, slowly approaching. But it is very difficult to achieve the level of 51job, other conditions do not speak, single domain name input habits, people are not used to. Just because they are not used to it, madeinchina.com is a famous example of made-in-china.com. read more

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recent stock market boom, so many small scattered began to enter, want to borrow this bull market opportunity to make a fortune. This crazy scene let me direct thought at first entered the Amoy industry event. At that time is around 2009 online shopping tide recently, the electricity supplier do not know much, buy things online, sometimes with the help of Taobao search engine, so there are a lot of customer management means, but with the search for environmental purification and consumption concept of maturity, now the industry is also ushered in his guest shuffle time, many early station have been eliminated. This is actually a good thing is not good, it is easy to understand, the money is not good, and it is easy to understand, that is to stay basically can make money. In fact, looking to come back to buy novice tutorial on spend the time and money, I feel something is not worth, is to teach others, things or to try to own, only through their own efforts to the operation in order to obtain the real meaning. After all I am not what expert, said the level is limited, but I wanted to share my guest for many years suggested today, hoping to be helpful for the novice, of course I share is free. read more

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Chinese has many webmaster, they stand are very good, they will have to stand on their own domain name in the site before pondering, and whether a domain name is the good domain name or not, it is important to the establishment of a link. Let me write down what kind of domain name is the good domain name, not blame, I hope you Bozhuan:

first: meaningful domain name is a good domain name

"Shorter is Better" in LLLL.com is its website slogan, is a foreign corn worm website, I have free will go for a walk, but I think " the shortest must not be the most suitable ". Because, I think the meaning of good donations, love and career, the ultimate pursuit of life, no one dares to deny. For example, when a problem appears in front of you, "iloveyou.com" and "ily.com" which one would you choose, I think a lot of people will choose "iloveyou.com"". There are "happybirthdaytoyou" and "hbdty" or I think the world will choose to express the meaning of clear, in accordance with the general human choice of "happybirthdaytoyou". So remember that the meaning is still king and the meaning is overwhelming. read more

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just bought a mobile phone to "recall", can be free of charge for the new mobile phone, but need to "advance" mobile phone models, and dig the pockets found on when. Suzhou, Wuzhong District, a consumer almost fell into the online shopping trap, but fortunately immediately to the Consumer Protection Committee complaints, only to recover the loss.

yesterday, Alipay also to the evening news sent a risk warning, to remind the public online shopping should be "third party" fraud. read more

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