Access to WeChat’s card pack pat Network double 12 continue to move in the end

Tencent Francisco December 9th, recently there is news that at the end of the year during the Christmas sales season, pat Network will be formally access WeChat card package, and through this platform to distribute users billions of dollars of Pat micro shop general red. This is also the introduction of the network after the launch of the 11 pairs of friends beat the fight between the two friends of WeChat products cheap shot again after the combination with WeChat innovative mobile providers play. read more

Electronic commerce under the big pattern of small Adsense opportunity

filed electronic commerce, before our first reaction is a typical representative of Taobao Alibaba, these B2C and B2B, but now the electricity supplier market, a sudden change in the situation behind the emergence of many new business representatives to invest large sums of new ideas, build, like in favor of integrated Jingdong, mall, in favor of professional vertical electronic business representatives Eslite, dream bazaar, looking at these old and new e-commerce predators, with huge investment to realize the concept of innovation, divide the business market cake dream, become a market to occupy their princes". read more

Micro business record high turnover software available fraud

the "generator" interface, the input "false evaluation" generated by

pictures for journalists

Legal Evening News (reporter Luo Xiaojing) yesterday, a "secret" in the circle of friends how transaction records and dialogue post caused many users attention, Post said micro manufacturers to sell the product in the circle of friends, high turnover record, buyers praise is made by software.

"Legal Evening News" reporter survey found that the installation of the name "WeChat dialogue generator" and other computer software, the user can freely set the "customer" and WeChat chat, cheat. The use of these software for cosmetic businesses, software charges at four hundred or five hundred yuan. read more

Electric cars 90 time to buy the car stage

was established less than 1 years, electric cars bought the car announced sales data has exceeded 200 million yuan. This home is located in Hangzhou’s B2C electricity supplier in the field of automotive companies, has access to innovative workshops and NLVC billion investment.

in the first 9 months on the line, bought the car using the electricity supplier model, to solve the C end users buy a car difficult, complicated procedure problems. However, at the age of tenth months, CEO Li Yanzhu held a special press conference said: to launch the automobile finance strategy, to solve the pain points of the B end. read more

Walking on the edge of the webmaster talk about cheating

I am not a webmaster, but I am eager to be a webmaster,

I may now be half a month before the webmaster, I set up my blog, full of exciting bowel clear, dream your blog like Moonlight blog as famous, but I was wrong, and are so wrong, a few days later built blog, I hung on the Ali Mama, although the daily traffic is less than 40IP, but my income every day in more than 1 yuan, here you may not believe, why, because I cheated on, blog is cheating, when the highest traffic and 32IP, the MM income is 1,77 yuan, the blog hung up about 6 days or so, you there are 6 yuan of money, do not know is happy or sad, I often see people every day surfing the web, 1000IP advertising is twenty days of the week, read more

Honey bud violent personnel changes four executives leave

, according to people familiar with the blue whale TMT revealed that four of cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud "executives have left, the four were: Zong Dongdong CTO, Gui Bowen O2O, general manager of cross-border business and is responsible for Du Ping Zhao Zhe, Ma m vice president of operations.

however, the turnover of honey bud "have yet to open the four executives, called the" blue whale TMT honey bud "public relations department, confirmed the four executives have been leaving. read more

Ali but high profile crackdown foreign brands still buy it

Michael Kors described the Alibaba as the most dangerous brand, the most destructive opponent, and that the international anti fake alliance provides shelter for ali. Ma Yun said, "Ali fake investment is not capped, in no limit and no moving foreign brands and capital market.

image source: AFP

fake is still the head of Alibaba time bomb".

4· 26 international copyright day just passed, the bomb was lit. April 28th, according to the Wall Street Journal online edition of the news, because Alibaba joined the international anti fake Alliance (IACC), the U.S. fashion brand Michael Kors announced the withdrawal of the organization. read more

nventory 2015 China’s top 100 new O2O companies

said the station pig can fly in the air, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, O2O became the development of advance. In the near 58 city and go to the market to give up years of love and hate, hardship. The two brothers together side by side layout of the O2O market, the news was confirmed for a moment, I believe that many O2O companies are. In terms of the size of the user is difficult to compare with the giants of fine differentiation O2O companies, have to consider their own future. How can be differentiated operations with the giant, will become the focus of enterprises in 2015 to consider. read more

Cross border electricity supplier Amoy city to apply for the listing of 2015 revenue 110 million


] January 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Shenzhen love Amoy city network Polytron Technologies Inc recently formally apply for three new board listing, its application to host the brokerage securities.  

love Amoy city official website

data show that love Amoy city in July 20, 2015 to complete share reform. Chairman Shao Zhezhan shares 29.92%, accounting for 15.71% of the shares, the board of directors Chen Dabiao Yang Bozhan, director Cheung shares 13.40% shares accounted for 10.50%, as the actual controller. Company in 2013, in 2014, 1-9 months of operating income was 57 million 349 thousand and 500 yuan, respectively, $122 million and $110 million, net profit of -782.63 million, respectively, $8 million 460 thousand and 200 and $8 million 458 thousand and 100. read more

The Ministry of Commerce for cross border electricity supplier said over 20 million business enterpr


] September 26th news billion state power network, 10 o’clock this morning, the Ministry of Commerce held a special conference of electronic commerce. At the meeting, the Ministry of Commerce summed up the development of e-commerce in recent years, the six characteristics, which focus on cross-border e-commerce has become a new hot spot.

Ministry of commerce data show that China’s cross-border electronic business platform has more than 5000 companies, domestic cross-border e-commerce platform through various companies have more than 20 million, in 2012 China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions amounted to 2 trillion yuan. read more

Webmaster must read what is the VPS virtual server

Q: what is

A: VPS is a virtual dedicated server, VPS is hosting " " revolutionary technology service, users can pay low fees, enjoy high-end servers and expensive network connection, and eliminating the need for maintenance of complex system, the independence and the overall performance of the system and without sacrifice operation.
VPS operate as independent server, all rights system. He can free the segmentation of the size of disk space, assign user permissions. It allows some enterprise users (several domain names) to share a disk space, software resources and network bandwidth, without loss of flexibility of the system operation, at the same time it allows users to " administrator " independent control of various application service of your own, truly flexible and independent. read more

E commerce legislation is advancing

Zhang Mao, director general of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

responded to Taobao selling fake

"now the production of fake and shoddy products enterprise illegal cost is too low, make the enterprise can not afford even to run restricted everywhere, even the penalty was bankrupt enterprises." Yesterday morning, the three meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a press conference, the director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao commercial system reform, Taobao to sell fakes and other hot issues to answer reporters’ questions (right). In response to a large number of online shopping fake problems, Zhang Mao said that the network transaction is not outside the law, is promoting e-commerce legislation. read more

Social electricity supplier has become a trend is still confused how to develop

recently, Taobao’s two SNS platform McGrady and backyard was exposed, which is Taobao once again wading SNS. Although Taobao repeatedly failed in the social electricity supplier on the road, but it is not able to stop the pace of exploration of Taobao in the social road. Ma Yun has been very optimistic about the social electricity supplier, and to make full efforts to build a social networking platform Taobao. Although repeatedly failed, but it also proves that the social electricity supplier has become a new trend. read more

App craze who’s the opportunity llustrated nine APP business models

APP era has come to an estimated market size of $15 billion this year, everyone is looking at how such a huge opportunity to share a new business.

well, if you think that APP’s focus is on technical skills, you’re wrong. Like any other business, it is important to think about what is the right business model, and to maximize the business value of creativity and technology. In the "App boom, who had the opportunity? – Inside September" theme first, with a focus on Lawrence "new business models and Technology entrepreneurial opportunities" in the article is on. read more

Price ratio to push the sale of unintended pregnancy insurance electricity providers how to go the

nearly two years in the field of electricity providers frequently broke sales of fake news, the relationship between the consumer and the electricity supplier trust crisis was very tense.

quality and after-sales service has always been the key to change the attitude of consumers. Excellent quality, the electricity supplier in place after the completion of the sales process, but also for their own to establish a good brand image, and the user to establish a relationship of trust. Now electricity providers in the field, the importance of the user’s trust and experience self-evident. read more

Double eleven for seventh years seller metamorphosis

Abstract: in 2015,

is the seventh year double eleven, such as an organism’s self circulation, The new supersedes the old. running through them, compared with the huge denominator, there are still use this platform to realize the transformation of the seller and the brand from 0 to 1. Amoy brand are also constantly upgrading, such as the famous clothing brand Liebo has developed ERP and BI system, and established a new technology company, completed the first single output to the technology of traditional clothing enterprises. read more

Why do you do not fear of high end leather shoes and fake fake price

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, high-end men’s brand zero CEO Tu Chun Rong revealed to billion state power network, zero have begun to get involved in the micro business, ordinary users support low cost micro shop opened.

According to

billion state power network to understand, zero positioning high-end handmade shoes brands, online price in the range of 500 yuan to 1200 yuan. Prior to the micro dealer has been criticized for the problem of high prices and fakes are bound to have a greater impact on the positioning of high-end brands and shocks. read more

Yang Wenjian Taobao is not the most successful free strategy but Taobao community

Taobao eBay dispute, has been a long time. By now, most of the people for the success of Taobao is due to Taobao’s free beat eBay charges. Is that true,


if you pay 100 yuan can bring 1000 benefits, will you do it? But what if free are not, you will do? From these two questions, explain what the problem is, that the core is not free and pay the success of Taobao and ebay. For example, now there are free space everywhere, but few people choose to do the free space to do the station, choose the free space to do the station is a school student or amateur casual play tools. If you really can beat the toll free, then now we have to choose free space, not to pay for the space. Obviously, 99% of the owners have chosen to pay to buy space, not to find free space, because the cost of space on the speed and stability of the free space than how many times do not know. read more

s babe network to complete the D round of financing investment for the new northern lights

It is close to the

babe network investors recently revealed that babe network D round of financing is nearing completion, the old VC NLVC for the new entrants to the investor. A reporter asked to close high-level babe on one occasion, the other said no publicly available information, but after the Senate voted for the investment community that have already signed the agreement, and said that in fact, at the end of last year has been low-key babe network to complete the C+ round of financing.

if the rumors are true, babe network will become the first large capital inflows in 2016 the electricity supplier "unicorn". Beibei online a public financing information is at the beginning of last year, today the capital led the $100 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, the success among the "unicorn" star company. read more

Shang Wenjie cross to engage in electricity providers and why

Abstract: Shang Wenjie in recent years, the performance of the fashion industry, people feel that she chose to cross the brand seems to be a matter of course, but the birth of a brand, but it has its own story.

text / Feng Huakui

Shang Wenjie and cross-border, this is from the electricity sector into the current trend of the brand to do electricity supplier, dedicated to travel boxes.

The difference of

trend Queen’s suitcase


first of all, it is completely transparent, travel is what incredible fresh stuff, do not open the box will show you, if you don’t think this privacy, too exposed, it only shows that you are old. Second, the box is not only a set of clothes, "said the queen, to change, so the box will become available for Neidan, marine, art, pioneer…… The pattern is your choice, look at your mood. read more