do stand for half a year, the deficit has done a lot of things to tell you my story in A5!

I was 91 years, has been a liar, I simply write down my experience,

at that time I was doing it, start very early, in early 06 began to do,

very happy to make money, basically a profit of about $10000,

then turn to agents, engage in what the attack, I quickly developed,

40W has its own money, buy a car, a person is very cool,

Oh but I’m stupid, wasteful time waste, also stained K,

also for ten people a day to eat and drink, the car did not, the money is gone, no identity read more

read more President Yang Haoran and his ex-wife Wang Hongyan of the division of property in divorce lawsuit regeneration misfortune.

yesterday (April 26th), Wang Hongyan told the "daily economic news" reporter, domain name transferred to the mountain branch network technology recently (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the mountain branch). This is for the division of property in divorce cases, because the two years she played for the division of property lawsuit is the original owner of the domain name: Beijing Xinxiu Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiu Wei Ye). read more

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news (December 20th), it is reported that since the last to high prices from overseas acquisitions to, another top international domain name by domestic domain name investors repurchase price. The original purchase price although ylmf confidential, but also revealing the range between —800 million in 1 million. According to the insiders understand that the domain name transaction amount is about $110 thousand.

had 115 of the domain name is ylmf repurchase because he owns, the web site, on the daily flow at 5 million between -600 million, after the repurchase may be used for web site. can be recovered at high prices, where the future is concerned. At the same time, 115 and 117 and 117 more fluently, not much difference between, especially easy to remember. Whether for re shot acquisition of this domain is also of concern, if the last shot again, the domain name will also be worth bullish. read more

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in the 2C market, social entertainment, information media, electricity consumption and life service, almost every consumer demand of the field has been covering the Internet, Internet technology advantage is to play to the extreme, making information like water flow, such as light as fast, arrived in front of a person to any. The hundreds of billions of market capitalization of large Internet companies achievements be too numerous to enumerate.

and 2B field, is becoming a new blue ocean penetration of Internet technology. In the past, ERP and SaaS to enhance the efficiency of the enterprise, but the B2B platform is to improve the role of different ways of cooperation within the industry, as well as industry information, goods, capital circulation. read more

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has written an article on the local community case, mentioning the 19 floor. So in a web site a know who is the disciple St. Xian, claiming to be the big 4 students spray before graduation: 19 floor? BBS? Obsolete, the decline of the dead.

if by nature, I will fly a few big hat buckle: opportunism, fighting style, grass root plot. However, this way it does not meet the aesthetic needs of the public, and had to change to a book in return. At the same time, I am not in a hurry, because I still have a day of India – I just say, not responsible for persuasion." read more

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      Henry · in the concept of Macas, online video advertising may be the most relevant business in this period of time with the internet. With the Baidu TV grand launch of the online video advertising industry once again set off a great disturbance. September 13, 2007, Baidu chief financial officer Wang Zhansheng announced Baidu’s new strategy, that is to build the largest advertising marketing platform, and video advertising platform, Baidu TV is one of the important and crucial step. Pay close attention to the online advertising market AC Nelson analysts believe that Baidu’s move is to look at the online video advertising market, hoping to build on their own platform Focus Media online edition". read more

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today, I went to the site today with the headlines to contribute, but found that today’s headlines open advertising system. Unlike other advertising alliance, today’s headlines can also put their own advertising, but the need for audit.

way of advertising you can choose not to advertise, can also choose their own headlines today, advertising, and launch their own advertising, the size of control on the picture to 100*100 pixels, but need to review. And then the background binding their bank cards on the line, the proceeds can reach 100 of the time. This is the basis of the majority of the advertising alliance is the same, are 100 yuan to cash. read more

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has always been a little more than the quiet of the new trend.

in the user’s view, as a community watercress seems to have been stored in the memory of a place, it does not fade, but it did not become bright. Now, with the changes in the content and cultural areas, watercress finally came out to do some new things.

in late August, watercress CEO Yang Bo said in an internal e-mail, from the beginning of this year has been in the direction of culture and content made a lot of efforts, so PingWest play goods linked to the watercress user product vice president responsible for Geng Xinyue, and is responsible for reading, film and other cultural services Vice President Dai Qinlai about the next in the end what will become of watercress. read more

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Beijing Xinhua (reporter Peng Qian) in January 3, bitcoin in 2017 ushered in a good start, the price exceeded $1000 mark, a record 3 years of record.

bitcoin trading information analysis site bitcoin counter data released, as of press time, the price of bitcoin trading near $1021, hit a new high since November 2013.

analysts believe that geopolitical instability, increased interest in professional investors, such as multiple factors, is the cause of bitcoin prices steadily rising in the past few months. read more

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talked about writing is a very distressing event for many people, always do not know where the fingers under the keyboard, always because of how to start and headache, and even sometimes, who always want to help write the beginning, the following things all smooth and so on, this series of ideas may be in everyone the student writing have met, I was impressed.

In fact,

for the writing of Yang Zi that sometimes it will mercilessly forced himself, saying do not say? Do not know, do not force a forced jump, aware of their own potential So that is what it is. is huge, "as the saying goes: there is pressure on the power" is the word of the truth of this sentence. At the same time, this is the first time Yang Zi entered the Internet industry to study the study of SEO, the deep feeling of writing articles. read more

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, the number of people using social networks around the world has exceeded 2 billion, and will grow at a rate of at least $25% a year. Those who do not have access to social media this express company has lost the opportunity to expand more value. At present, more than 90% of U.S. companies have an active social network system, the company’s exposure and even sales have thus increased exponentially.

so at the beginning of 2016, the analysis of social media marketing trends and changes is particularly important, different companies can also use the advantages of social media, to strengthen its position in the field of professional segmentation. read more

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I got a job in the Spring Festival in 2008, when I had not graduated yet. Operator of the forum. But the boss asked me to write a plan, I said that the plan is not at all, I must first analysis forum, combined with the relevant materials to write something. Later, I want to write while I write a total of 4 articles to Mister


below for the reference:

management strategy

1 forum visitors list can not be changed to the default does not show, I think the forum has been long enough. Plus this list is really ugly! read more

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from ancient times, countless facts tell us a truth: it is hard to become the climate, the greater strength of unity and cooperation. In fact, many of the occasions are now paying attention to the spirit of unity and cooperation, especially in the business or shop operators need to unite, a company can only unite the strength of the people to step by step toward the distance, towards success. The same is true of the micro shop, is the so-called people gather firewood flame high, micro shop also need to attach importance to the strength of the team, which is what we want to say the micro shop alliance. read more

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Jiangnan, the old landscape has been thoroughly.

once a year the world Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, science and technology heavyweights gathered in Wuzhen, star studded. Now the meeting of the three session of the bigwigs, like a star by the media on the Ding Lei pig, and dinner become a super IP, and Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi two times with the frame has been fixed for the Wuzhen heavyweight CP, the most important is that science and technology bigwigs in another high-profile sermon before the altar of the end. read more

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It is reported that in May 18th

news, cool 6 network’s video site today officially launched mobile phone crowd operation, the other was informed that recently Cool 6 network enabled "theater" Larry domain launched the Cloud View theater website, confirmed after the acquisition rumors.

figure: cloud theater website

after anecdotal Cool 6 network video platform low-key acquisition onlookers Pinyin domain name, after the change from the domain name information confirmed rumors of acquisition of cool 6 nets, and at the time, there are rumors that cool 6 network to buy Larry domain to create Chinese HuLu video websites, but not at the time domain information display and cool 6 network related, and now domain enabled again confirms acquisition of cool 6 network. read more

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When our college textbooks are still eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, as a successful case, when

some American website "reverse" success.

Although the

because behind what cause these American website development is not successful, the reporter also is general analysis, vibration

, the most intelligent people, the most money, the best technology, but does not change the work idea, way, also cannot be in the future

A, rather than to white-collar bourgeoisie grass, nor the general public of the seedlings! VS should be white-collar bourgeoisie to ordinary seedlings.

the grass!

This is the website of

for operation of these sites in the United States who is senior Hong Kong and Taiwan, employees are Shanghai senior white-collar office, they knowThe

, the target is to promote the Shanghai Office of senior white-collar workers and the top 500 enterprises as the reference object, never considered

the needs of small and medium enterprises. read more

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Tudou, Youku, my music network…… These depend on the risk of investment and the rapid development of the Internet video website or quickly find buyers of state-owned capital, by the end of the month or close? Last week, SARFT and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service in January 31, 2008, stipulates that only state-owned or state-controlled units personnel can Internet audio-visual program management. read more

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first to talk about a concept, electricity supplier three steps:

business 1 times, to search for the core, the seller and the buyer through the realization of the first interactive search function, this is a bit like the early page, simple, not so much activity, mainly rely on search traffic realized, until now, the search is still play an important role.

business 2 times, with the flow as the core, mainly in 2008 for the beginning, users created a surge in traffic boom, after 4 years has been known as the flow of dividends era, in this 4 years, who will play, who can throw money to grab traffic, who will be able to succeed. read more

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March 12th, Youku Limited by Share Ltd (NYSE: YOKU) and potato (NASDAQ: TUDO) Limited by Share Ltd announced that the two sides signed a final agreement on March 11th, Youku and potatoes will be 100% of the convertible merger. The new company was named Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd (Youku Tudou Inc.)".

After the merger of

, Youku shareholders and holders of American depositary receipts will have about 71.5% of the shares of the new company, the shareholders of potatoes and the United States depository receipts holders will have a new company about 28.5% of the shares. Youku’s American depositary receipts will continue to trade on the New York stock exchange, the code is still YOKU. The potatoes will be delisted from nasdaq. According to informed sources, Youku Tudou, Youku CEO Victor Koo will serve as the new company CEO, CEO and Wang Wei will join the board of the new company. read more

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"pretty divine", this large pornographic website once very noisy for a time, has registered more than 10 people, up to 200 million times the amount of page views. Also, let the police is a headache, the server built on foreign pornographic websites, even do not regularly replace the domain name, and the police playing hide and seek. Get a report of Nantong police removed Guangdong, Hubei, Beijing, Tianjin and other 7 provinces and cities, by tracking the positioning accuracy of the arrest "in one fell swoop dissemination of pornographic articles criminal gang led by the big bird". read more

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