[Abstract] Jia Yueting said that Apple hinder the interests of users, the world needs a truly able to break the rules of Apple’s company.

Tencent science and technology news (Liu Yalan) November 26th, as the music CEO Jia Li send Thanksgiving full letter. The letter said that when employees completed the signing of the equity has been the music as the ecological master. At the same time, the letter said: "as the mobile intelligent completion of the first round of financing of $530 million, becoming the first round of financing 7 major music companies with the highest amount of ecology." read more

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I think for a long time "the form of interlocution promotion I am to share or not to share it before

to write this article?", finally Mou Changqing teacher persuaded me (of course I know him, he doesn’t know me, but I often) in his attention to his blog, I learned a lot, so I still the determination of website promotion methods and we share together.

questions and answers in the form of promotion is the method I tried, the effect is very obvious. In fact, this method you master in their website promotion also mentioned, but I read so much seems to have no a webmaster this method is regarded as the focus and specific, I want to be with your own website about the nature. This question and answer form is more suitable for the promotion of online shopping mall (store) website, because the promotion of the goal is more clear, but also the most potential customers. Well, below I will share with you my method of operation. read more

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I used to write about the WeChat marketing, these days to do WeChat, and a number of new feelings.

these days to see @Fenng and @Caoz micro-blog, there are a few words: dialogue that search, dialogue that is a service. Account that website, account is a game." I’ve been doing something about WeChat recently, and I have to say it’s fantastic.

if you give Zhang Xiaolong time, WeChat into a App Store like ecological environment platform, it is not impossible, let us look at whether it has now achieved a dialogue that search, dialogue that is a service. Account that website, account is a game." read more

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in order to prove himself and Huazhong HZHOST does not have any relationship, so attached to the net and work.

star star.

some time ago, a 2 HZHOST series, 0DAY China serious vulnerabilities, network security will be classified as a serious risk of the vulnerability vulnerability.

and broke the first time to convene a network security detection team, and promptly notify the existence of loopholes in the site to repair, providing temporary repair program.

for the first time, 1 days. A total of over 100 sites detected, 80% vulnerabilities exist. Because of restrictions on temporary QQ chat, so by mail. read more

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Abstract: take away the main call service group is a social group of young people aged 19-35, but also highly active users of the internet. Among them, 19-24 year old students in the school is accounted for more than 56.4% of the total, which is an important reason for the major platforms aimed at the campus market.

recently, attention to the school cafeteria takeout distribution meal came "announced, has been completed by the first campus life service platform 59 store collar vote, the fund and the individual LAN with the cast of millions of angel angel round of financing. read more

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what is the long way of marketing, event marketing, marketing occasion? Since the three black Marketing…? is short-term marketing common marketing methods, marketing is short, the effect will be short of. So what kind of marketing method is a long-term, sustainable operation of marketing it? My answer is —IP marketing!

in marketing thinking, what is called IP?

is actually very simple, is to see whether it has a strong influence, attractiveness, not affected by the impact of the size of the platform constraints, and can be achieved in a number of platforms to achieve traffic and distribution (commercialization). read more

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U.S. mission review in December 2015 has completed $2 billion 800 million financing, financing in January 2016 more than 3 billion u.s..

U.S. group commented on the valuation of $15 billion before financing, financing valuation of $18 billion.

U.S. mission comments investment highlights, China’s overall market penetration of less than 5% O2O.

China’s O2O market reached a total of 20 trillion yuan.

is expected in 2019 will reach 5 trillion RMB consumer market (an annual growth of 13.6%), network coverage exceeded 20%, with a broad market space. read more

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in the network, we will see a variety of pictures, whether it is news, or online shopping platform, leaving the picture, the development of e-commerce can not be so rapid. In the field of electricity providers, responsible for the image processing called "art", the treatment of these people from several thousand to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. Most of the time they give people a sense of mystery, an ordinary product, through their hands, it is easy to become a burst, was given high prices, the source of profits. Indeed, in the electronic commerce domain art occupies a very important position, no art, no matter how powerful the electricity supplier team running it up. read more

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believes that today, everyone has advantages of XX fitting room things discussed many times, but in small series, they are the uniform bad. Whether this event is not marketing, anyway, is a failure. Then, a grade of the fitting room marketing should be how to play? Four case to tell you.

, everybody knows that. In related news, a few days ago and XX fitting room photos and videos, causing numerous onlookers and forwarding. It has been questioned whether the excellent XX marketing, and the user’s personal information. During the day, colleagues at the office to discuss the matter, Xiao Bian: not to regard it as right which company will be stupid enough to take their own Gu Ke (Shang) (DI) of the right to privacy joke, spread the so-called play! Evening dinner with friends, and asked the views on this question, Xiaobian intolerable and you, decided to seriously talk about. read more

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In "improve website traffic law" Davido cheats in an article to the webmaster or blog website or blog needs inspiration is personalized elements. How to achieve this goal? Personalized elements are often mistaken for personal, see some Adsense or blog with a private strong, even private words posted; also some of the website or blog page to create a very personalized, no scruples to the needs of the visitors, page design. Website content, dilute the access speed of reading interest. In the browse blog site, often see some on the home page or inside pages have very beautiful effects, but greatly affect the access speed or reading effect. This practice does not really understand the true meaning of personalized elements. I hope to share the "barrel theory" to provide a reference strategy.

throughout the page design, procedure, content, publicity, access speed, flow of six pieces of wood, each part can vary greatly. We should first look at these boards, looking for the worst piece of wood, because the worst part of the direct impact on the construction of the entire site. Is the worst page? Access is the worst? Is the worst design? Is the worst? The worst part is often the best part of the restrictions and constraints, thereby affecting the overall effect of play. The best combination of six boards is the key to find the weak part of the improvement or improvement. The pursuit of simple, clear the page static program simple, content integration, the original promotion of moderation, and strive to the fastest speed, traffic continues to grow, this is the Xu Guoping blog using "the same height of wooden barrel theory" to determine the.
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The popularity of Apple’s

and App Store articles to create a business in a new place, mobile App business is very hot at the moment, the application of App prevailing on the market at least hundreds of thousands. The fierce competition in the market for many outstanding software developers have created her products, in marketing is king today but the flesh is weak. According to the actual mobile App promotion experience to share with you some ideas.

mobile App in initial stage, mobile App promotion will not necessarily be as manufacturers focus, this stage is generally the mobile App to create product stage, and not spend energy in mobile App promotion, let alone invested heavily in mobile App extension. read more

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humans lose entertainment

what will the world be like?

had faded out of the ordinary life of birds

boring to make people even dare not want to

seven days long holiday has not been a happy enough

September 8th Jane Zhang her mother a paper statement

to work after the holiday as grave sadness away light

mosquitoes never care about gossip

but the entertainment circle repeatedly provocative cultural circles

let mosquitoes immediately to the Yi people round eyes at

look at the long copy of their relay race read more

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started in 2010 from Wuhan, Ichiban shop mainly sells nuts, dried fruit snacks, some stores opened in the downtown area, more students or work near the female white-collar love, I still remember their dried pineapple tastes good. Last year that praise founder white crow in his speech made special mention of Ichiban shop case in differential pin has become a topic of. During the National Day this year, the county seat of our hometown actually opened a branch, at least in Hubei began to penetrate the four cities. read more

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world cup is coming, how to do this with the promotion of the topic of the world cup, it is necessary. Of course, I’m here today to talk about promotion, not to say how to make use of the topic of the world cup to do the promotion, as for the promotion of this topic, I am sure that will be written in the article in the future. Today I want to introduce a kind of promotion method is, how to use pictures to do soft Wen promotion. Let’s take a look at the following picture about the World Cup: read more

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do stand for half a year, the deficit has done a lot of things to tell you my story in A5!

I was 91 years, has been a liar, I simply write down my experience,

at that time I was doing it, start very early, in early 06 began to do,

very happy to make money, basically a profit of about $10000,

then turn to agents, engage in what the attack, I quickly developed,

40W has its own money, buy a car, a person is very cool,

Oh but I’m stupid, wasteful time waste, also stained K,

also for ten people a day to eat and drink, the car did not, the money is gone, no identity read more

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ganji.com President Yang Haoran and his ex-wife Wang Hongyan of the division of property in divorce lawsuit regeneration misfortune.

yesterday (April 26th), Wang Hongyan told the "daily economic news" reporter, ganji.com domain name transferred to the mountain branch network technology recently (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the mountain branch). This is for the division of property in divorce cases, because the two years she played for the division of property lawsuit is ganji.com the original owner of the domain name: Beijing Xinxiu Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiu Wei Ye). read more

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news (December 20th), it is reported that since the last to high prices from overseas acquisitions to 115.com, another top international domain name 117.com by domestic domain name investors repurchase price. The original purchase price although ylmf confidential, but also revealing the range between —800 million in 1 million. According to the insiders understand that the 117.com domain name transaction amount is about $110 thousand.

had 115 of the domain name is ylmf repurchase because he owns 114la.com, the web site, on the daily flow at 5 million between -600 million, after the repurchase may be used for web site. 117.com can be recovered at high prices, where the future is concerned. At the same time, 115 and 117 and 117 more fluently, not much difference between, especially easy to remember. Whether for re shot acquisition of this domain is also of concern, if the last shot again, the 117.com domain name will also be worth bullish. read more

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in the 2C market, social entertainment, information media, electricity consumption and life service, almost every consumer demand of the field has been covering the Internet, Internet technology advantage is to play to the extreme, making information like water flow, such as light as fast, arrived in front of a person to any. The hundreds of billions of market capitalization of large Internet companies achievements be too numerous to enumerate.

and 2B field, is becoming a new blue ocean penetration of Internet technology. In the past, ERP and SaaS to enhance the efficiency of the enterprise, but the B2B platform is to improve the role of different ways of cooperation within the industry, as well as industry information, goods, capital circulation. read more

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has written an article on the local community case, mentioning the 19 floor. So in a web site a know who is the disciple St. Xian, claiming to be the big 4 students spray before graduation: 19 floor? BBS? Obsolete, the decline of the dead.

if by nature, I will fly a few big hat buckle: opportunism, fighting style, grass root plot. However, this way it does not meet the aesthetic needs of the public, and had to change to a book in return. At the same time, I am not in a hurry, because I still have a day of India – I just say, not responsible for persuasion." read more

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      Henry · in the concept of Macas, online video advertising may be the most relevant business in this period of time with the internet. With the Baidu TV grand launch of the online video advertising industry once again set off a great disturbance. September 13, 2007, Baidu chief financial officer Wang Zhansheng announced Baidu’s new strategy, that is to build the largest advertising marketing platform, and video advertising platform, Baidu TV is one of the important and crucial step. Pay close attention to the online advertising market AC Nelson analysts believe that Baidu’s move is to look at the online video advertising market, hoping to build on their own platform Focus Media online edition". read more

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