debut two years younger, low level, can only achieve this result, now write their own experience to discuss with you


first step: Forum program selection

I love DZ, feeling really powerful! Love is PW, you can generate static! Don’t love network, the feeling is too colorful, flashy without substance


second step: Forum positioning

I didn’t fix the forum. Today, the forum is still three months old (I know some people don’t understand, but this is part of my plan!)

third step: content read more

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This post is not right here?  
seo international cooperation has two aspects, are high-end market.  

, export enterprises are willing to pay, this a lucrative. The difficulty lies in A) English website SEO intense competition, B) keyword  


, this market will certainly belong to the local Chinese company. Which companies in the eyes of foreigners in the formation of the first local brand,  

because of native factors, international cooperation in SEO will have very special problem, need to find out the special operating mode and operating   read more

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Zhang Mao, director general of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

responded to Taobao selling fake

"now the production of fake and shoddy products enterprise illegal cost is too low, make the enterprise can not afford even to run restricted everywhere, even the penalty was bankrupt enterprises." Yesterday morning, the three meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a press conference, the director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao commercial system reform, Taobao to sell fakes and other hot issues to answer reporters’ questions (right). In response to a large number of online shopping fake problems, Zhang Mao said that the network transaction is not outside the law, is promoting e-commerce legislation. read more

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Times News (reporter Wang Mei) the film "private custom" in behalf of the people complained grave plot has become a reality, also appeared grave valet service, as long as the buyer to pay a fee, the seller will grave worship service in accordance with the requirements of buyers, including the generation of kneeling, crying, on behalf of the flowers. The charge of 500 yuan. Reporters found that, although many of the shops to provide such services, but most shops have shown 0 transactions". read more

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yesterday announced the Alibaba second quarter performance is not outstanding, unexpectedly bright, revenue growth of 61% to $1 billion 740 million, net profit rose 159% to $707 million. Maintain the rapid growth of the performance of Alibaba, is now the focus of the parties to protect the object. Once before IPO growth slowed sharply, will pose a major threat to YAHOO and Softbank in local shares, so everyone dare not let down.

however, very surprisingly, growth performance in bright background, Alibaba and YAHOO has signed a treaty to reduce the sale of shares to the Alibaba after the listing of YAHOO group shares from 261 million 500 thousand shares reduced to 208 million shares. Overseas analysts just jumped out of the issue of the views expressed that this is the value of YAHOO’s long-term bullish Ali, the current management has full confidence, etc.. But I think the truth is not so rich multicolored decorations and can not cover the packaging and decoration, Ali suffered a major setback in the IPO process in fact. read more

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in the end is to sell skirts, or concert for publicity?

yesterday, Jingdong said it began selling Talyor Swift fashion goods next month. This stylish line of mildew includes dresses, blouses and sweaters. All of these items will be sold at the National Museum of the Jingdong.

of course, Jingdong is looking at the influence of mold. "Glad to Jingdong to become the only supplier of Talyor Swif online fashion goods," Liu Qiangdong said, "Talyor Swift is very popular now, she has been a popular symbol, can she win thousands of fans at home every day." read more

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