The hospital has now

as everyone knows, the lack of previous influence, we are in the hear, "Oh, I’m not feeling well, I want to go to the hospital to see XX hear much similar to" my eyes hurt, I want to see which hospital is OK, this also is the house? ", the hospital decreased influence, one is likely to decline in their overall strength, is more pressure from outside. Now the medical profession is the eyes of investors xiangbobo, everyone wants a piece of the growing competition is also big, also bring huge impact to the enterprise promotion. The traditional way to promote their own advantages gradually on the decline, and even beyond, many small and medium-sized hospital unbearable promotion of poor turnover decreased, eventually pulled off. More and more hospitals are eager to promote a new model to increase the volume of their orders, medical soft Wen came into being. read more

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lead: when the actual marketing strategy, we always follow the logical thinking and basic knowledge. And any marketing strategy is based on careful logical thinking

in the field of marketing has been widely mentioned, even many layman are hung on the two strategies about that, it is hunger marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, in the author’s opinion, the people speak and pose as a person of high morals "charity", preoccupied with people who speak ", people say" quick "strategy, the market about the robber the integration of resources is not what difference. If you simply say nothing, execution will be "Zhaosi" rhythm. read more

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Beijing Xinhua (reporter Peng Qian) in January 3, bitcoin in 2017 ushered in a good start, the price exceeded $1000 mark, a record 3 years of record.

bitcoin trading information analysis site bitcoin counter data released, as of press time, the price of bitcoin trading near $1021, hit a new high since November 2013.

analysts believe that geopolitical instability, increased interest in professional investors, such as multiple factors, is the cause of bitcoin prices steadily rising in the past few months. read more

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navigation: first venture is the key to change direction, set the direction; the use of the Internet to find people, the business is concerned, the exit is also successful, entrepreneurs must have passion.

1, why China has the largest Internet market?

first, we have the largest market;

second, active operating environment;

third, the most hard, most capable entrepreneurs.

2, the Internet venture in the three stages:

The first phase of

, the returnees entrepreneurial stage;

second stage, combined with local Chinese style innovation; read more

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2012 electricity supplier big reshuffle, electricity supplier how to spend the winter?

according to CNNIC data show that as of the end of December 2011, China users reached 513 million, the total number of Internet users in 55 million 800 thousand; Internet penetration rate compared with the previous year increased 4 percentage points, reaching 38.3%. Chinese mobile phone users reached 356 million, an increase of 17.5%. The rapid growth of Chinese Internet users, to provide a huge space for e-commerce. 2011 e-commerce attracted nearly 30 billion yuan investment. Under the investment of hot money, China’s electricity supplier team sprung up to grow up, however, with the passage of time, the bubble slowly emerging! read more

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Mid Autumn Festival to send what? Mid Autumn Festival to buy what? Gome online to help you solve the "Mid Autumn Festival" one-stop shopping problem! From August 29th to September 4th, the United States online reunion benefits to promote the start. Within 6 days of the sale of goods as low as 70 percent off. The promotional activities focus on the introduction of moon cake, wine, crabs, health products, baby supplies and many daily necessities such as Mid Autumn Festival gift gift.

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Chinese do soft Wen promotion, Shi Yuzhu recognized second, no one dares to recognize the first. "Naobaijin" is China advertising history best soft Wen promotion.

today, I combine this case, talk about how to do soft wen. Remember, is to do soft Wen, not write soft.

melatonin produced in the China at the end of 90s, it is the decline of health care products. It is out of market, there are many bright spots in the marketing, such as product positioning in the filial piety culture, Chinese culture, gifts topic effect, many hard wide scene marketing and so on, the press table, said wen. read more

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[Reuters] before the date of the state power, high-end men’s brand zero CEO Tu Chun Rong revealed to billion state power network, zero have begun to get involved in the micro business, ordinary users support low cost micro shop opened.

According to

billion state power network to understand, zero positioning high-end handmade shoes brands, online price in the range of 500 yuan to 1200 yuan. Prior to the micro dealer has been criticized for the problem of high prices and fakes are bound to have a greater impact on the positioning of high-end brands and shocks. read more

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is known as the generation of personality after 90 gradually become the main consumer, the user needs to buy more and more emphasis on personality". Here the concept of personality tend to be more differentiation and advance, a "dare to be the first, walk in front of the people," the high concept.

aimed at "individualism" demands, a "Chi in bid" ( website breakout success, by virtue of "shock" way of shopping and entertainment, on-line less than half a year has been widely recognized by users praise. read more

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Each reporter Dai Yu

from Shanghai

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, after the Spring Festival, Shanghai many courier companies raised courier wages, part of the increase of 10%~20%, but companies still reflect recruitment difficulties.

"now it is very difficult," Xia Zubin STO marketing director yesterday to the "daily economic news" said, "regardless of basic salary or other aspects of the overall treatment to be raised, because now it is difficult to recruit people." read more

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often browse the site to a friend must have seen " ads by Google " and " ", " Baidu alliance; alimama "and other words, this is advertising, it is the most chief source of income. Now at home and abroad, there are many advertising alliance in the country to do a better job, there are many well-known. In an era of increasing Internet users, we should not think about how to maximize the benefits of the use of advertising alliance.

advertising alliance is composed of advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform composed of three parts. Advertisers in accordance with the click of the online advertising to pay the site webmaster. Adsense is through advertising alliance platform, choose the right way to advertise their own website, and then hang up the advertiser’s ad to improve their income, that is, the flow of the site into their own income. read more

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