you know, Baidu will give priority to Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar know the contents of the space in the front row, using this feature, we can use Baidu’s own products to promote your web site.

I want to say is that I found that Baidu know a little discovery, promotion tips. Let’s see how I do it:

1 registered accounts to answer each other two. A vest with their own questions, answer vest with B, then A B will vest vest answer as the best answer, the key is to make the B vest answer is selected as the best answer, the premise is in the process of discussing the best transform IP. (Figure 1) read more

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this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received melatonin." "Charge five minutes, talk for two hours." Why is the copy in your mind lingering? It is because of these brainwashing brainwashing! Then copy is how to make? By long time observation and analysis, I generally divide them into several categories.

what is brainwashing copy?

is scattered in your brain not to copy. It’s hard to forget the first time I saw you.

first look, we’ve been brainwashed ad copy these years. Here collected 30 classic brainwashing copy, please add. read more

read more President Yang Haoran and his ex-wife Wang Hongyan of the division of property in divorce lawsuit regeneration misfortune.

yesterday (April 26th), Wang Hongyan told the "daily economic news" reporter, domain name transferred to the mountain branch network technology recently (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the mountain branch). This is for the division of property in divorce cases, because the two years she played for the division of property lawsuit is the original owner of the domain name: Beijing Xinxiu Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiu Wei Ye). read more

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2005, a debate on the label

watercress is a common thing."

ten years after the creation of watercress network, a North (Yang Bo) sitting in the company has more than 200 employees in the conference room, to curiosity daily to explain his understanding of watercress. He is the "universal" has been emphasized in the word, is that you use in the watercress on function, as a group, label, or beans, can be seen from various fields, not just the first audio book, this is the biggest change in watercress. read more

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, code logic

1, h1-h7, in which the title of the 1 logical weight is the biggest, the importance of other titles with the number of H increases and decreases.
2, stressed the label, the general emphasis tag < em> < b> and focus on the high-profile label; < strong> < strong>, refers to the semantic emphasis, < b> emphasis mainly focuses on the visual performance.

two, link anchor text

link in SEO is very large, more anchor text can not be overlooked, so what is the anchor text. Such as: < a;
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Yesterday, the reporter from the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission domain name dispute resolution center was informed that the center has rejected the application of DELL’s complaint.It is reported that

, March 2003, Zhejiang city of Yiwu province Yongzhong socks industry limited company registered "" domain name for the business called "proud music" website. The site mainly engaged in small jewelry. In March 16th this year, DELL trademark infringement grounds, to the domain name dispute resolution center filed an arbitration request to retrieve the domain name. The arbitration committee for   a group that, although the "DELL" trademark is well-known in the Chinese market, but slightly ordinary people know enough to distinguish "del" and "DELL" on the computer and the network, does not constitute a confusion. read more

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has recently found more and more friends in the circle of personal brand blog, and often people ask me how to create a personal brand, personally think that this is a good phenomenon. In the previous article, many similar views I said is very important in the Internet industry personal brand, at least a little high: personal popularity means network wide, wide network means that things will be smooth, do not worry about work. Especially for personal webmaster, personal brand will become an accelerator for the development of the site. So, today, we discuss how to create a personal brand through the Internet: read more

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news yesterday, Tmall held a strategic partner Partner Conference, with the world’s more than and 110 groups of more than and 160 apparel brands signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

these more than and 160 brands, Amoy brand, international brands, the proportion of traditional brands under the line is about 1:2:4. Including Gap, Adidas, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, PULL&, BEAR, Bershka and other brands. In addition, Decathlon, Timberland, E-LAND, TEENIE, WEENIE and Inditex group and other more than and 20 brands Tmall and Tmall for the exclusive cooperation, cooperation is the only third party business platform. read more

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in the tide of development like a raging fire in today’s electricity supplier price war, the traditional is no longer the focus of businesses are only competition, how to establish a good user experience, has been valued by more and more businessmen. Jingdong mall as the largest B2C market 3C professional online shopping platform, in the evaluation of the call on the usability of the design, it takes into account the user experience. Experience (User, UE) is a kind of pure subjective, in the user use the product process to build up the feeling. In the innovation of knowledge oriented society in China 2 — the application of innovation park model, the user experience as the first of the "three test" innovation mechanism. Our marketing is from the sensory experience, interactive experience, emotional experience, browsing experience and experience of trust in five aspects of analysis and evaluation under the Jingdong store call today. read more

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the world has only one successful, but he has created a digital +job domain of madness. Cultivate the habit of digital +job input. Is the best choice for the domain name. Two digit suffix job.Com domain name in the world is only 100, a small number of large demand for such a domain name is very popular. We are often able to see in the transaction a little bit more of the job owner listed transactions around 50 thousand bid.

51job succeeded, followed by ChinaHR and Zhaopin, slowly approaching. But it is very difficult to achieve the level of 51job, other conditions do not speak, single domain name input habits, people are not used to. Just because they are not used to it, is a famous example of read more

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