choice of daily life, for our fashion life, is always very important. So, to choose the tide to tide the tide of life investment products, is a very promising market prospects for the project. So, what are you hesitating about?

Some activities in the life of

, the fashion now can attract the attention of consumers, but now too many necessities trend also allow consumers to choose to worry about, too busy to attend to all, how to choose a right price, and complete product products stores it? Today Xiaobian to tell you that the influx of goods will life tide products is the best choice. read more

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when you choose to venture this road, this is undoubtedly a difficult road, in the entrepreneurial process will inevitably have a different mentality, the key is to see how you’re going to solve, so have a good state of mind is very important, this small series specially summarized several methods to solve the symptoms and entrepreneurship I hope to help you.

: melancholia disease

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is for entrepreneurs in the choice of investment projects is not reproach, lack of experience is too much not to understand the market trend, did not know that they should put money into where. And some people gradually realized the daily hardware industry entrepreneurial opportunities. So, the success of a daily hardware store to pay attention to what? I believe this is a lot of entrepreneurs want to know, let us take a look at the following.

: for daily hardware franchise stores, propaganda work is very important, but many investors do not know how to propagandize your shop, then try to hold some promotions, concessions and other activities, to increase the store visibility and awareness, let more consumers know you exist. read more

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days ago, YAHOO has appointed former Google executive Marisa · Meijer as president and CEO of YAHOO, this is the third time this year huanshuai. In China, the blink of an eye YAHOO has landed 14 years. This is 14 years, his name is Yahoo China China into YAHOO, the main portal to search by now and return to the portal. This was to maintain many netizens feelings of the website has vertical Chuilao, it seems from the future. Now we recall it once or common makeup


September 1999, Yahoo China officially opened, at that time is very simple, you can take it as a site navigation, the service pattern of all kinds of imitation, search, email, and news website, YAHOO (YAHOO Earth Village), YAHOO my content, the first general manager for Zhang Ping. read more

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November 27th news, recently, a terrible secret from a source where CNNIC will follow the trend of prices next year, the CN domain name to up to 99 yuan! This news is like the ground zhalei, will put a lot of people intimidated. This year, what would like to rise, rising prices, housing prices rose, rose COM, finished CN also rose almost endless!

why CN will rise from 1 yuan to $99, I think the reasons are as follows, CN domain agents can not afford to fast estimate. Because of this year 1 yuan to implement the CN domain name registered with the experience, the increase in the number of, but if next year low, see CN domain that agents at all levels can not sit, because if the continued low prices, these agents next year what to feed themselves? In the eyes of these people, the original price was 100, this can be regarded as a basic recovery of the original price of 99. The whole world knows that a shrewd businessman is not a fool. read more

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Abstract: in a word, the micro business begins with the brand, the individual, the society and the platform.

today, more and more companies began to discuss micro business, whether it is a traditional enterprise or a new type of industry, they are increasingly focused on micro business in this new business ecology. From the circle of friends to buy WeChat shop to open up to the rise of the major micro business platform, micro business has gone through a C2C to B2C turn. Talk of a micro business is no longer confined to the circle of friends sellers, retail channels to expand, but as a new exploration to the center of the mobile social electricity supplier. read more

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1 Ali shares are facing a ban on investors to sell short selling  

in September 15th, when the Alibaba group (New York stock exchange code: BABA) in September last year, IPO (initial public offering) listing, the group sold 2 billion 500 million shares of approximately 600 million shares in circulation in which more than 300 million shares, in March this year has been out of the "lock", "lock" the remaining 1 billion 600 million shares will later this month end.

short selling investors have been flocking to short the stock. As of August 31st, the total shares of Alibaba selling group has more than 74 million shares, compared with an increase of two weeks after a stage of nearly 16 million shares, the highest since the highest level since listing of IPO group. read more

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A series of

digital let all join in the Internet and focus on the Internet once again with CNNIC research results shows that BDA estimates, as of the end of February, China users reached 225 million, more than 220 million of the United states. The number of Internet users and his large so high user contacts, jumped into the four traditional media and racing together bridle to bridle, even more important than the media and traditional media. Existence and its increasingly important to all marketing people are excited, and the excitement of the more than a bit of a loss – personal webmaster website marketing exactly how to do? read more

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according to the public number to party claimed that the Tencent internal put down a relentless: the Tencent immediately close all across the board, including a distribution platform, and grade two and three grade II; as of now, micro payment function 3000 micro mall has been closed; the credibility of this message reached 90%; the three level distribution mall part of the business of the micro payment function has been shut down, users can only pay cash, can not buy.

currently, Tencent official no clear response. read more

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is currently the country there are about 20 well-known courier companies, with SF, Shen Tong, tact, in the pass in various forms in the domestic and foreign market, and at the end of 2016 the peak express received 1 billion 250 million yuan financing, today the daily express received Suning 2 billion 975 million yuan financing, for a time the courier industry blustery.

recently, the national network courier excellent speed express received a total of 2 billion yuan of bank credit and A+ round of financing. According to excellent speed express, the financing will be mainly used for the company’s network infrastructure. The credit side is China bank, Ping An Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ningbo commercial bank, Guangzhou rural commercial bank. Prior to June 2016, excellent speed express received 300 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is tripod venture, Kerry Logistics (Chinese) Investment Co., Ltd. and Fujian tofine Cci Capital Ltd. read more

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email marketing network marketing is very important in the way of marketing, especially as it was found that the extraction of QQ group members, email marketing more accurate, more and more to receive email marketing network marketing staff favorite. But a lot of friends to do marketing when doing email marketing is always only the foolhardy, thought out even the completion of marketing. Not knowing that most of the mail into the dustbin, some users see a fish escaped through the Seine also know advertising, nor what open interest. E-mail marketing completely failed, did not work hard. read more

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sina science and technology news Beijing time on December 14th afternoon news, in the Chinese entrepreneurs annual meeting Ali COO Zhang Yong conducted a keynote speech on the future of the two coordinates. The main content involves two points, the first point of the consumer connection changes, with the Internet can cover a lot of people, the Internet has a rapid spread of the effect, will bring changes in the connection. The second point is that the impact of the Internet on the whole business is essentially a change in the supply chain organization. read more

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front end time I give a company to do network promotion, the effect is not big and I don’t know how I know the boss very satisfied, the today Wuhan SEO Xiao Zhou to talk about some methods of enterprise network promotion for everyone. Hope that we can help.

network promotion is actually an important part of network marketing. Is the core of e-commerce in this field. Network promotion is an important part of network marketing. This can not be ignored, many companies have a dedicated website for direct marketing network. Immediately after the implementation of the network must be promoted. read more

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Hello, my heart is the administrator of BBS, currently in the network reading channel now working in today, with his usual practical experience, compile text, and share with everyone, inadequacies also hope we point out.

1: every morning to see the site traffic, analysis of antecedents and keywords, on top of the page to flow to visit and see, grasp the main content, the article made immediately targeted publicity, even the lace news can be, anyway, let others have not seen, look to see.

2: check the website of dead links, connect the overall check on the website home page, find dead links and modify, this is also a webmaster tools can fix things, but what I was not in advertising. read more

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recently, Ms. Cheng Cheng consumers to buy honey in Taobao, the merchant had promised to praise the full return now, after receiving the goods, but no trace of the business, but also all the goods off the shelf. Taobao staff said that the current account has been implemented to monitor the business, it is recommended that consumers alarm, but also to remind consumers not to participate in such activities.

received three honey

online shopping

August 24th, Ms. Cheng said a friend to listen to a friend called Taobao bee honey garden business is engaged in free tasting activities. "Businesses said that as long as I press price to buy 1 bottles or 2 bottles of honey sold in the store, to receive the goods within 12 hours of posting pictures to praise, can make the full payment of honey by Alipay back to me." Ms. Cheng said, this shop is newly opened, she thought the business is to impulse sales, praise and engage in this "peibenzhuanyaohe" activity, will pay 90 yuan to buy two bottles of honey. A few days later, Ms. Cheng received a courier from Anhui, Huangshan City, there are two bottles of 500 grams of honey. read more

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in Amoy

"for Taobao, the income structure of ideal is the same: hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the marketing costs of the enterprise (big B), tens of thousands every year to spend a few thousand dollars to several million yuan to buy Taobao services and medium-sized enterprises (B), and spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a 180 application software service small enterprises (small C), long tail effect still exists."

Chinese has a saying, Taobao can chew, finally will not lose ah and Dangdang in Baidu, but its own ambitions. Taobao wants to be B2C, it’s not good at it. read more

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a, to understand what is the micro-blog


, micro blog (MicroBlog) abbreviation, is a relationship based on user information sharing, dissemination and access platform, the user in about 140 words to share pictures and links whenever and wherever possible, what one sees and hears, text can be through the Internet, SMS, MMS, 3G mobile phone, without the title and idea, the moment inspiration can be easily released, and the spread of the virus like to share.

micro blog founder of twitter (Twitter) in March 2006 by the founder of Ivan · Williams (Evan Williams) launched a value of nearly billion dollar website today. As the world’s most popular micro-blog website, visit Twitter has nearly 20 million people, with a large number of fans, U.S. President Barack Obama, the White House and Google, Forbes, best buy, Ford automobile, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, KFC and other 500 companies have settled, micro-blog has become the indispensable tool in marketing public relations. According to relevant public data, as of January 2010, Twitter has 75 million registered users in the world. read more

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is about to be a friend in the office at night to write Taobao shop junior tutorial, but I do not know how hard the brains, speak up, I do not know what to say.

thought that the thinking is not active, so let yourself relax, and tea, and listening to the music, to 1 in the morning, did not toss out, but began to doubt what will open the Taobao


back home, when trying to open the network distribution strategy research advanced tutorials and Taobao ranking optimization, marketing strategy and other intermediate course browsing, thinking is extremely active, so that can not sleep. read more

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Taobao Juhuasuan is Alibaba’s buy site, China is one of the largest buy site. Juhuasuan with Taobao massive, rich goods and a huge consumer groups, to provide about 200 million of the daily customer service. Whether from the date of the transaction amount, the number of transactions or the number of participants, are the first in the country.

there is no doubt that Juhuasuan has become the most popular seller Taobao platform, just as consumers we can only see the sales and promotion, in particular Juhuasuan can bring what sellers? Today I share with you. read more

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