this talk we are very concerned about the topic of "WeChat", WeChat public account operation difficulty is higher than other tools, after all, WeChat public account is closed, to get the user’s attention is not an easy thing. But WeChat is not a panacea, not all industries are suitable for use, WeChat marketing advice before first look at the following ten things.

one, research industry and regional user base


is the first research industry and regional user base? Because WeChat now has 300 million people, compared to ten population countries in the proportion is not too great, not all sectors of the people will use WeChat, so you have to know the use of WeChat in your industry many people, you store city or how many people are there in the use of WeChat, if the quantity is less, do not recommend that you use WeChat marketing. read more

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Tencent Francisco December 9th, recently there is news that at the end of the year during the Christmas sales season, pat Network will be formally access WeChat card package, and through this platform to distribute users billions of dollars of Pat micro shop general red. This is also the introduction of the network after the launch of the 11 pairs of friends beat the fight between the two friends of WeChat products cheap shot again after the combination with WeChat innovative mobile providers play. read more

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] January 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Shenzhen love Amoy city network Polytron Technologies Inc recently formally apply for three new board listing, its application to host the brokerage securities.  

love Amoy city official website

data show that love Amoy city in July 20, 2015 to complete share reform. Chairman Shao Zhezhan shares 29.92%, accounting for 15.71% of the shares, the board of directors Chen Dabiao Yang Bozhan, director Cheung shares 13.40% shares accounted for 10.50%, as the actual controller. Company in 2013, in 2014, 1-9 months of operating income was 57 million 349 thousand and 500 yuan, respectively, $122 million and $110 million, net profit of -782.63 million, respectively, $8 million 460 thousand and 200 and $8 million 458 thousand and 100. read more

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may be a joy, it can be said to be a kind of sharing. Today, a few simple talk about how to help others with their own website to promote my products. First briefly introduce myself, I do is the wholesale of handwritten fluorescent board, I have been through the Alibaba to carry out the sale of handwritten fluorescent board, the effect is not bad. Every day can receive a lot of handwritten fluorescent wholesale list. New Year approaching, company boss gives us more a few indicators of the task. No way, I decided to look for more on the Internet to sell handwritten fluorescent plate. read more

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and electronic commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "business") of the high-profile hot is different, the electricity supplier in 2011 began to gradually cooling, especially in the second half of the year, the electricity supplier becomes future frequency has been questioned Bu outcast from the darling of the investment, the identity of the disruptive change in just a few months.

yesterday, Kuba shopping network CEO Wang Zhiquan owned by Gome said the reporter, now the electricity supplier operating external media costs are too high, "a monthly navigation to millions of dollars, more than a few years ago, over 100 times more than that face is not cost-effective output, electricity supplier must transition from its expertise" traffic control "to" brand ". read more

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introduction: Gome online membership grab welfare! August 26th to 28, the United States will launch online 3 days of Thanksgiving has you enjoy huge benefits of membership back promotions. From now on, the old members of the United States log online can receive free 620 yuan coupons, in August 26th after the start of activities can be used. At present, the country…

grab Gome online membership benefits! August 26th to 28, the United States will launch online 3 days of Thanksgiving have you enjoy huge benefits "member back promotions. From now on, the old members of the United States log online can receive free 620 yuan coupons, in August 26th after the start of activities can be used. At present, Gome online official website has targeted the activities launched the exclusive promotional interface, pre buy two pay a "warm-up activities have been opened since August 21st the panic buying craze. read more

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first, Jiaozuo Wanfang (000612), now have a new good (000007), "Taobao equity second" may soon start shooting.

new September 7th evening announcement, the company recently received the Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court delivered the ruling executive, the company’s largest shareholder Guangzhou broadhr involved this debt guarantee dispute, because of Soochow securities (601555) on Guangzhou broadhr pledge of 31 million shares have cis position prior to the real right for security, and executed Guangzhou Bo Rong has not yet been fully fulfill previously civil obligations as determined by the judgment, Suzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou Bo Rong believes that should hold 31 million shares in the new company auction platform for public auction, the proceeds to fulfill their obligations, the effective immediately after the ruling is served. read more

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he was once a financial officer, dealing with numbers every day, he is now adept at the helm of China’s largest and most potential B2C e-commerce platform – Alibaba group’s Tmall.

for this experience, Zhang Yong named "the doings of ghosts and gods". Prior to joining Taobao, he served as a grand two years CFO. Earlier, it is engaged in the electricity supplier has not associated with accounting, consulting industry.

however, the atypical Internet talent but in the entire B2C industry generally adopted "burning heating" approach, to develop a set of unique operation rules, hoping to find a clear and the road of sustainable development. read more

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