Guangdong as an open coastal city, has always been at the forefront of economic development, the number of independent college graduates also lead in most parts of the country. Among these people, there are both winners and losers, no matter whether they are successful or not, their experience is very valuable to those who walk the same road.

sponsored by the Guangdong provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the South China University of Technology, "the dream of a wonderful life — Guangdong, Guangdong province Innovation story series will share into the university campus" and "increasing glory for the alma mater, let the youth shine 2015 love South China University Entrepreneurship share held in China yesterday. It is reported that this year, Guangdong independent entrepreneurial college graduates doubled over last year. read more

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as long as the catering business, many consumers are tasting will decide whether to buy, and such a taste, it will encounter some customers over taste. So, for the shop, how to solve this problem? To tell the truth, the business, what kind of customers we will encounter, excessive bargaining, pilfering, and pick out and discard the goods…… These customer behavior let owners complain incessantly, and helpless.

I am most afraid of customers over the taste of the naked food store. Once a woman led the child to the store, the child saw the store in the form of bulk sweets, to buy, the woman asked me, where the production? What time did you play? Is there a certificate? After I answered finished, the woman picked up a small package of cookies he began to taste the first tear, said not so sweet, and formed a "Honey three knife", after eating, and too greasy, third picked up a small cake beside children separately. read more

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I am engaged in a professional for foreign trade enterprises to provide network marketing solutions for service companies, in recent years, has accumulated a lot of experience in customer service, I talk about some of the following errors.

1    network marketing is a marketing link, and gradually develop from the past 10 years from now, network marketing has become a development tool for some early creation of the company, or even the only means of marketing a certain company. However, in the history of enterprise development, the application of network marketing is constantly improving and groping, do not remember the myth of network marketing. If there is a company to tell you, and now how amazing marketing network, then you drive him out. Early in the development of the Internet, the network company and the site is relatively small, the relative lack of information sources, most of the companies with less trust in the network, leading many companies early marketing is not necessarily a good harvest, the so-called got up early, catch a late set, but the harvest is more or less there are some. Now the site is not too small, but too much, so the relative surplus caused by information, but also to produce a network of enterprises do not have the effect of view. Don’t refrain from exaggerating the role of network marketing, network marketing but for today’s society is a must. read more

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Deng Ya Ping debut camp

According to

Sports Weekly reporter Li Shaozhou reported in germany. In October, the third camp Beckenbauer forum held in Austria resort Keats Bigel, the world famous sports personalities gathered together to discuss prospects for the development of the world sports industry, sports industry has become one of the Chinese theme of this forum. Former table tennis star Deng Ya Ping was invited to attend the camp of the current forum, Beckenbauer.

at the invitation of Beckenbauer, Deng Ya Ping attended the camp of this year’s forum, and delivered a speech on the forum as a guest of the Chinese guests on behalf of the. "Beckenbauer is very kind and friendly. It’s a bit like Samaranch. They’re very charismatic." The two sides met Freemasonry, Beckenbauer left a good impression on Deng Ya Ping. read more

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Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center according to the public to report the following site verification, there are a lot of violate the social morality or damage the physical and mental health of teenagers has some vulgar content, pornographic nature, related web service access provider failed to access the contents of the object to strictly carry out the special action in the wind after the national regulation did not take the Internet vulgar effective measures are hereby promulgated.

1, "West" (Location: Beijing) forum "map" column there is a large number of pornographic content. read more

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site planning is a systematic project…. Although the majority of domestic enterprises as well as major Internet companies have not put the site planning to an important position. However, the importance of the site planning is undeniable, the current domestic professional website planner is not much, some come from the web designer turned, some are transformed from the network marketing personnel, some are transformed from the Internet industry analyst.. In general, website planning more teachers need to master the knowledge, but also with the view to look far ahead from a high plane to engage in the Internet industry, especially the company website planning work is more important, because the strategy research and development direction of more in the website. Corporate website is relatively speaking, the planning of the Internet economy to grasp the knowledge of this area is relatively less.. read more

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1 thunder again "blacklist" video website difficult international copyright war  

technical limitations or intended to be in the development process of video sites, piracy has been outstanding. Yesterday, there was news that the American Film Institute recently singled out a number of pirated download sites and the market "black list", after "gun", Chinese video website thunder and everyone in the film again among them.

number of degrees on the list

piracy "blacklist" from the American Film Institute released a worldwide audiovisual piracy investigation report, which pointed to a number of pirated download link website "blacklist" and the world’s 10 largest pirated audio-visual products market, thunder and people video subtitles Heranzailie station. In addition, Beijing Hailong Electronics City has become one of the largest entities pirated audio-visual products market. read more

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double eleven war has just ended, the contest between the electricity supplier will also end, but the competition is still under the shadow of the fact that Tmall is the biggest winner. As a product of the new era, online education institutions are also involved in the shopping festival, the major educational institutions also want to rub a rub hot spots, open their own course sales.

it is understood that the 2016 "double eleven" online education institutions are no longer as in the past to guide, the platform have resorted Shazhao, "low price" of "discount" "full rebate and other tricks to emerge in an endless stream in marketing, more rich and colorful, let the Internet education marketing model more ornamental, but this only online education marketing" in mice". read more

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1 first movie station, domain name, buy domain name, this can choose according to the keyword name, this is very important. For example, free movies, thunder Pinyin initials or abbreviations, English, English. For example, my movie station

2 to master the more popular movies, the use of Baidu or GG to do some SEO optimization if done well, then the effect is very obvious


must be connected if he is in the movie network if you want to connect it with him do you have a good grasp of his film a lot of update frequency exchange, connection if you don’t have it fast or his website to see fewer people advise you not to exchange the same site. read more

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Beijing on January 8th news, according to foreign media reports, the famous host service provider Sugarhosts through the blog and internal mail announced its full support of all product lines in the IPv6 access. View Sugarhosts official website found that the host product configuration parameters have been added to the IPv6 description.

with the depletion of the IPv4 address pool, large-scale commercial IPv6 has become a matter of urgency. IPv6 will gradually replace IPv4 in the next few years, when each site can have an independent IP address, SEO can be described as gospel. read more

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like a raging fire of the world cup in Brazil brought joy to some people, but also to some people brought pain and jail, soccer gambling Tianmou et al who is clearly the latter, and Huang did not even wait for the world cup, because of misappropriation 4 million engineering companies, soccer gambling and was thrown into prison. The Ministry of public security recently cracked command large online gambling case, the server is located in the Philippines gambling website H, by adjusting the odds, lure disk and other means, the development of agency personnel within the organization of soccer gambling in China, involving up to hundreds of millions of dollars. While the number of domestic soccer gambling, but lost dier. read more

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The implementation of

website promotion is achieved through a variety of specific methods, all of the site promotion method is actually a reasonable use of the website promotion tools and resources. According to the available common website promotion tools and resources, accordingly, the basic method of website promotion can also be divided into eight types: search engine promotion, e-mail promotion methods, resources to promote cooperation and information release promotion methods, viral marketing methods, quick website promotion method, network advertisement promotion methods. Comprehensive website promotion method. read more

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ads or political statements? The Internet is divided again.

source: Vision China

has gone through 50 years of super bowl, is no longer a simple entertainment and Sports Carnival feast, the brand is no longer satisfied in the ad to make you happy, but to tell the audience a heavy story.

Super Bowl ad

is particularly special this year — a fierce confrontation between President Trump’s immigration policies and the political and cultural divisions of the American society. How will marketers respond to each political group’s supporters when they are in high spirits and divided? read more

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recently, the central bank issued the fourth installment of the third party payment license, Suning smooth get paid for easy to pay the license. Get a license just so easy to pay treasure to have a legal status, did not get a license before has begun to vigorously promote easy to pay treasure. Carefully observe the in the online payment on the strategy, it is not difficult to see that the easy to pay attention, further speculated that easy to pay treasure not only simply assume responsibility as payment tools, there should be other important successor. read more

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"the first thing you have to understand their desire, then you will pass your products to meet, and they are in accordance with your expectations in the use process, you know what will they go to their evolution, then you on the side to watch on the line." WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong once said. Micro business has been bustling suddenly plummeted in the circle of friends, "Refresh" has become rare, does not mean that the derivative in the back, but in no sense of "trampling each other" rush on like a swarm of hornets midway adjustment. However, wait until the outbreak of the micro business again, after the main micro dealer will undergo a fundamental change after shuffling, and micro business play has begun to common sense". read more

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news November 12th, vice president of Jingdong, group 3C division president Wang Xiaosong announced the Jingdong 3C real-time sales report. From November 1st to 12 at about 0 in the morning of the day of the month, the total sales of Jingdong 3C category for the 28522383 units of. Among them, the total sales of Jingdong mobile phone up to 2874031 units, the total sales of computer office category up to 14335143 units, the total sales of digital categories up to 11313209 units.

Jingdong 3C category total sales of 28522383 units read more

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The nonprofit

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) in recent years, signed "joint project agreement in the agency and the U.S. Department of Commerce (" oint Project Agreement, JPA) in September 2009 after the expiration, it will not renew the agreement, so that the ICANN from America’s Department of commerce regulation, and then obtain the complete management right.

ICANN was founded in 1998, is the governing body of the global Internet domain name system. The U.S. Department of Commerce 2003 contract with ICANN had suggested, the latter will have independent management qualification in September 30, 2006. But the U.S. Commerce Department said in September 2006, with ICANN to renew for three years, namely before September 2009, ICANN is still under the U.S. Department of Commerce Management. The Ministry of Commerce said at the time, the future will gradually reduce the Internet transaction management, the ultimate goal is to establish an independent management right ICANN. read more

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