What vertical domains can social media breed

beauty can be seen as the vertical application of micro-blog’s social media in the field of women’s online shopping.

general product architecture is interlinked: human subject; one-way chain; that is, a key concern; a light content sharing; using "forward" to help spread and re organize. Just fine tune for women and clothing. Change 140 words into pictures, for example.

‘s concept of "replication beauty" means building a similar social media structure in another area, while being able to exist independently without being swallowed up by micro-blog’s universal platform. Now some 4 standard, for you bozhuan. read more

Teacher’s day student’s gift giving way change look gift website

September 10, 2013 is our twenty-ninth teacher’s day, that is to say, it has been 29 years since 1985. It is teachers’ day once a year. Recently the Internet was very hot topic is the thirtieth teachers’ day in the day, saying the government in order to inherit the traditional culture, decided to change the date of our teacher’s education founder Confucius’s birthday; there are people against people in favor of the people; some people think that even the teachers’ day itself can be canceled, because now the teacher’s day has become a festival of fame trading. Well, although I personally like to be interested in these so-called news, I also pay close attention to it, because I think these can help me to think about it, but I believe that my friends who read this article may not like to see these. read more

The site was unprovoked for several days

I never write today, try it! Write very rotten, water! It is very boring! From 20 pm to 1 at the beginning of my website www.truene.com (universal learning community) has been attacked, still did not stop there, give me a call room N, host supplier told me. Please put the domain name to other places to eat, don’t say, I have 700M attack site traffic, I do not know how much the 700M attack, said to thousands of chickens, if you want to spend money, I want to attack every day thousands of pieces, honor ah, do not know who attack me. The station also didn’t tube, nothing has been attacked, not to offend people ah, do not know is not to say that the Olympic anti Tibet, support posts, anti CNN, Carrefour and other poor people who do have such attacks, if so, if the attack is Chinese then, he will be able to get it in. read more

QQ group promotion experience sharing

comes here every day to read the article, but has never written it before. Now it’s time for work to share your stories.

for the first time, let me introduce myself. I like a lot of friends, do not belong to the IT industry, I do machinery, CNC machine tools, contact do stand for two years, that is to buy a bag for friends, contact to taobao.com, then through some Adsense QQ group, learn to do.

did not make a decent stand, but still tried many things, here is a QQ group promotion experience, to share with you, is a mess, please don’t scold. read more

Six factors influencing the stickiness and loyalty of animation website users

The higher the

users for the website stickiness, means that the user loyalty is high, can bring more traffic to the PV website, to ensure your daily traffic can steadily, but also bring more ad clicks, but also more active help website promotion, let website to get new users more high quality through word-of-mouth between users. Therefore, paying attention to and enhancing the stickiness of users and enhancing the loyalty of users are the important cornerstones to ensure the long-term development of websites. read more

Sunflower collection of nternet Entrepreneurship

a friend, in a large software enterprise for ten years of software research and development, want to start business, ask me to pay attention to what?. I joked that if you want to be successful, must learn the Internet business of the canon, the first of which is "brandished a knife from the palace".

big software company has many resources, research and development capability is good, various promotional resources are also very superior, but few developed excellent Internet products. Preliminary look, for many reasons, such as it is difficult to mobilize personal enthusiasm, internal management coordination is very difficult. I think another important reason is that the method is not appropriate. Large companies, many resources, an Internet innovation project, invested a lot of resources, the company expects high value, the more natural considerations, but it is not easy to do well. read more

nternet companies pull out a single means

did not come here to write what the article, today is really the first time banging on the keyboard, a record of Internet companies to negotiate contact, bit by bit, this paper reminds you not friends, but also to remind some Internet companies.

May, the owner’s request and the boss (a female) visited the IDG investment company, Mr. C, discuss the Grenada Wei Kang online mall operator of the road with Mr. C. During the discussion, Mr. C for our current mall layout structure and user experience, give a direct negative, Mr. C said, our products, if this kind of sales, so the sales performance will be greatly reduced, because people do not know what you are, how to use? Mr. C, put forward some suggestions to our righteousness in the boss’s unanimous request. We decided to update the website,. read more

A novice webmaster site experience

Hello, all day in the various sites in the forum to turn around, read some articles, and I also want to write about their experience, so that more people who are prepared to do the station to look at, first of all, I rookie. Up to now, I haven’t earned any money, so don’t laugh at me.

Speaking of

station, I had more than a year in an Internet company, mainly to do business, the company received the website is by the technician, technician here, not what the basic ASP.PHP program, to the customer to do the site is static, as long as the others can be grilled about now, it should be not what technical content, this is, when he is old envy these people do technology, then, slowly, he used his business manager of his position, literally forcing these techniques to tell me, what is the forum, what is FTP, how to use the FTP. That’s when he began, in a little bit of contact with the site, but it is not what you have done, is to do a simple forum, the people of the ready-made procedures to pass up, change the line, then his sense of Feel old arrogant, and later his work changes, so the forum will be nothing, read more

Dewdrop talking about im286 and Chinaz and A5 forum account value PK

we usually on the webmaster class BBS, their account value also has certain difference, below I will account for the value of the PK competition.

1. Access to official accounts

obsolete official accounts, mainly through the T building, or directly through the station. Because of the limited access to its means, the number of formal accounts generated per day is very small. Chinaz forums generate formal accounts, mostly through formal user requests, and other methods seem to be of little use. A5 generates a formal account, mainly through authentication, and can become a full account with a payment of $10. read more

Do business must grasp the data analysis thinking you dare say that will not do data analysis

      for operational data analysis, I’m sure a lot of small partners will have the following problems:

often faces abnormal data, "what seems to have been done?" What seems to be happening? So what might have caused the subjective conjecture?

face data reports, do not know how to analyze? Don’t know what to analyze?

data analysis is one of the most basic skills of operation. Do you really value it? The qualified operation must be data driven operation, not operation driven data! read more

Grassroots webmaster how to change the entrepreneurial type webmaster

Small Title: independent thinking is the grassroots webmaster to the entrepreneurial type of the inevitable process of change

I think a lot of friends see such a headline that says, "who doesn’t think?" who isn’t thinking independently? Here, I’ll explain what I think about independent thinking. Independent thinking is to have the ability to observe and analyze a phenomenon, and to recognize the surrounding environment. It may be a bit of a rip off here. Everyone has his own way of thinking, and everyone has an understanding of things. Here, the author emphasizes not what the noun explains exactly, but what we want to say is the difference between our grassroots webmaster and entrepreneurial webmaster. How do we change to an entrepreneurial station owner?. read more

Discussion on the setting of website membership threshold

This topic is that when

and colleagues talk about the development of the forum today, I mentioned here refers to the set threshold for membership threshold, such as registration, membership privileges, and some other requirements. This problem has a long history, but few people get on the table to discuss, after all, the situation of each site is different, the threshold setting is different. A website threshold setting is the impact site development one of many factors, the threshold is set low, after accumulating a certain website popularity will encounter posting machine, there will be some low quality member trouble, serious will affect a large number of members of the loss; the threshold is set too high, and some people will be shut out. Will also affect the development of the website. read more

n 2010 chose the business e commerce business

often focus on the station network, a long time did not write the article, picked up a pen, a myriad of thoughts, but do not know where to start, especially the Internet community has recently seen a series of changes of personal webmaster circle, domain control, website content restrictions, we let the grass root business prospects don’t seem to be at a loss what to do. In 2010, personal webmaster way where, worthy of our personal webmaster reflection.

is about personal website the way out, as early as 3 years ago when I wrote an article, give up personal website, my life in the future? I believe A5 some old Adsense read this article, and I was now most of the webmaster, also very confused and perplexed, when communication and graph king, graph King told me at the time of e-commerce, regional vertical portals and vertical industry small website has great potential, but for a boy has just entered the community, a lack of resources, two contacts, three did not have difficulties as can be imagined money to operate this kind of website, so never heard of graph king’s advice, as do the movie website and many grassroots Adsense, make music website, download site, but 3 years in the process of the website or Baidu pull hair, or Is closed by space providers, and now there is no one can get a hand of the site, it is a failure. read more

How should we choose when WeChat public’s article reads more than 100 thousand


WeChat announced a number of public reading, on the lower left corner of the figure and praise became countless number of public operators and media people from the "shackles", some people will be as a public number of advantages and disadvantages, some enterprises will be listed as KPI staff appraisal standards. For a while, the industry launched a heated debate about the number of readings. Some say WeChat has helped Taobao brush the grey industry chain, while others say it is time for the media to bid farewell to the "false data bubble". Looking back, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. read more

Direction of website development resource integration station

network has all kinds of resources, the article belongs to the text resources, pictures belong to picture resources, video belongs to video resources and so on. How to integrate these resources is the future direction of the development of the web site. It is a good integration, integration is not good is not garbage station.

The key to the integration of

resources is to maximize the resources, the most rational application, and to maximize the value of resources. The question of how we should integrate the resources of that type is how we should consider it. Integration of the station should have its advantages, it is a collection of hundred long, but also has its own characteristics. The length of a hundred families is to make it grow fast, with its own characteristics, in order not to allow others to go beyond. read more

5 years of struggle share my experience and entrepreneurial experience

time flies really fast, in the twinkling of an eye, graduation will be almost five years, and the site has become attached to almost five years. These five years, there are indeed many regrets, including surprise, loss, passion and confusion. Sometimes not imagine this why time flies so fast, so think of fear, afraid of what? Afraid of their own without any success, afraid of wasting time, afraid to reach the ideal position of their. For five years… Although I feel no gain, but I still persist, because I believe there will be one day, I will succeed, I will realize my ideal! read more

How do you increase your income

is now a lot of friends to do weight loss, weight loss website how to increase income. I combine some of my experience, to do some analysis for you!


is currently in operation a weight class site navigation station, so make some more weight so webmaster webmaster, there are full-time part-time in the operation of weight loss website, the income level is different.

from the input, the majority of weight loss sites are 0 cost inputs, in addition to the domain name, space costs, the rest almost only human input, and then no economic input. read more

As a station no longer choose domestic space two

since the last published work station no longer choose domestic space, then I put the forum to sell, I really can not stand the space attitude, remember he said a few words that I never forget it, you can’t do (station in 24 hours, at least 20 hours, or you don’t stop doing) I ask you, the webmaster and part-time students all do, who is going to buy a space for you, what you eat, or to cooperate with the police to drink the northwest wind ran us on a illegal advertisement and then immediately sealed and then sell the space to others? If you want to say! I remember when I asked him why, without prior notice, he replied (this should notice? Speechless) that I was depressed, what all don’t understand a novice, but also not familiar with from you to buy space after it’s rather baffling to you sealed, ha ha Now think about it, too. How can you make money? After that, I contacted another space seller. I’m planning to get back to the station when I mentioned the problem. I’m shocked, and I’m not sure all of them are. But the space provider really made me speechless (not to seal your space, net police to seal our service), what can we do?. read more

Make your website popular and do eight things


home page and content page is the enterprise website construction face, its importance is self-evident! In addition to the website design is exquisite, the best on the first page of the website of the nature and content of a brief description, people at a glance. In the enterprise website design, it is best to keep clean and refreshing principle, if need not, try not to put big picture file or add improper procedures. Although the homepage is important, but "content is always the first", please remember one thing: any content, including words, pictures, images, sounds, must be related to the information that the website will provide to people. The content of the classification is also very important, no matter what kind of classification methods, let shopper can easily find the target. In addition, you should add a brief description of the contents of the options section next to the next line of each classification option. read more

Homepage design Tips can affect the homepage design of the audience

I think you should know the website of the website is very important, what if we allow it to attract your audience (users)? It depends on your design, web page includes navigation menu, search bar, website LOGO, directory and other content, there is can you see a website that this is what. In addition to making the home page attractive, we have to make it have other functions or some introductory information. Next, we will tell you 10 main points of the homepage design that can influence the audience. read more