Xining 15 highway toll stations were closed list announced

Xining 15 high-speed toll booths around the news will be withdrawn by the Xining evening news and the Xining evening news WeChat public number published, causing a public debate. In particular, the majority of the Secretary of the staff, in addition to the hope that as soon as possible to know the specific time to adjust, but also highly concerned about the end of the adjustment of which 15 highway toll station. In this regard, September 6th, reporters from the provincial transportation department learned that this year the end of October the South Ring Expressway opened to traffic, driving members of the public can enjoy the freeway toll system bring convenient traffic preferential.

: adjust the time at the end of October after the opening of the southern Beltway

: adjust the content adjustment area the 15 toll stationsAccording to the

[2] new mainline toll station between caojiabao things exchange 2 new mainline toll station;

[cancel adjustment area toll station 15] has built 7 lines: North G6 Beijing Tibet expressway toll station ramp, Xiakou rhyme ieguchi toll station, Chaoyang toll station, wave toll stations, toll stations, Sea Lake Toba ramp toll station, Xigang toll station;

construction 8: South South Ring Expressway yanggouwan toll station, East people and road toll stations, toll stations, Huang Zhong Lu Shen Zhai Tonghai road toll stations, toll stations, toll station of West Street, the toll station, the train station north line toll station.

[open] original Datong, Laoying charge Zhuang, dawn, Guo Si Ying (DOPA) mainline toll station, built in the shop, Liu Wan, caojiabao West toll station, the high walled toll station to open toll station.  
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Who is dragging our city oil and gas recycling

To reduce air pollution caused by the volatilization of oil and gas, the city launched a comprehensive management of oil and gas recovery from last year, plans this year to complete the city’s all gas station oil and gas recovery transformation, now, half the time fleeting, but reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that the current project progress is not smooth, the city most gas station has not been installed oil and gas recovery device, which belongs to Sinopec gas station in Xining only a completion of the task of transformation.

it is reported that plans to use two years in stages on the city’s gas station for recycling transformation of oil and gas in our city, to bid farewell to the gas station gasoline, air pollution caused by volatile oil and gas. According to the municipal government documents, this year, the city’s 115 gas stations to complete the work of governance, but the progress of this work is not smooth. The day before, in an interview with reporters in the oil gas station to see the 61 bridge, the gas station is reformed, Qinghai Petroleum Marketing Company responsible person, at present, the city’s total gas station 49, has completed the 8 transformation tasks, 5 gas station vapor recovery transformation is under construction the remaining gas station, will strive to complete the transformation task before the end of September. PetroChina Qinghai sales company in Huangyuan to promote oil and gas recycling work, the transformation of the task has been completed half.Another oil giant read more

Xining trade union and 8 enterprises workers signed a joint agreement

March 12th, the four district of Xining City, three county union with Qinghai Tianlu dairy limited liability company, Xining oil and gas limited liability company, Haining green food group and other 8 enterprises, three staff representatives signed a "mutual agreement", addressing the financial crisis in the respective responsibilities made a solemn commitment.

carried out between the trade union and the enterprise and the workers of the "common agreement", can make the enterprise managers more fully realized, the workers of enterprises, the main development, get rid of the plight of workers cannot do without creation and contribution; the broad masses of workers to correctly realize the self interests of the body, and is closely related to the interests of enterprises and the country enterprise, and seek common development is pull together in times of trouble, the best choice. The move aims to safeguard the interests of workers, safeguard the interests of enterprises, and actively mobilize the masses of workers and enterprises to promote the formation of pull together in times of trouble and common development, care workers, enterprise employees, enterprises seek a good atmosphere of enterprise development and the realization of the rights of workers. read more

Xining city traffic police detachment will take measures to implement the smooth traffic engineering

according to the Xining municipal government "smooth traffic project" arrangements, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will take measures to improve the traffic capacity of the intersection part and the part of the city, and actively solve the main roads and vehicles mixed problems.

Xining public security traffic police detachment commissar Chen Xinping:

recording "Xining city traffic police detachment will enter the intersection 50 meters to 70 meters from the lane at present 3.5 meters to 3.9 meters down to 2.8 meters to 3 meters, which is two lanes to three lanes, three lanes to four lanes of traffic, mining potential; the intersection crosswalk line and forward stop line, to reduce the vehicle through the intersection of the time, to achieve fast through the purpose; the conditions of the intersection are set and delimit the left turn vehicle waiting area; the re allocation of lane, turn left, straight, right turn lane according to the traffic flow and size, can also be set straight turn left turn right straight line or mixed lane." recording stop read more

United together to ensure the supply of stable prices in Xining city GP in the national ranking aft

Qinghai news network reporter from the Xining municipal government held in March 5th to stabilize prices to ensure the supply of work conference that, because of all the attention and the city’s municipal government departments and make concerted efforts, solidarity and cooperation, effectively ensuring the effective supply and prices basically stable over a period of Xining city residents of the necessities of life. According to the relevant information, in January this year, the Xining price index (GPI) in the country’s 36 large and medium cities in the ranking compared to the apparent shift in December 2007. read more

This winter and 50 thousand tons of food abundance transportation public table of Qinghai Tibet Plat

winter season, Xining City self-produced food gradually reduced, in order to ensure market supply, stabilize the meat prices, recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and transportation funds invested 80 million yuan, will put 50 thousand tons of vegetables in the distribution of reserves within the city, and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau center will take 16 thousand tons of dispatching reserve task, to maximize the public to eat cheap, assured meat.

it is understood that the Tibetan Plateau distribution center as the province’s largest vegetable basket project, from July this year began trial operation, in order to attract a large number of merchants settled, the center adopted a series of relief measures for business users to get the maximum benefits. Recently, in combination with the city this winter and spring vegetable transport activities, distribution center from December 20, 2012 -2013 year in January 3rd will open the "new year winter vegetable shopping festival, the event will be from Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu and other organizations transporting Chinese cabbage, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, melon, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, nearly 30 varieties of 20 thousand transport and reserve tons of vegetables, all in accordance with the" flat "low income principle on the market. In order to facilitate the operation of the business, where all the business activities of the garrison stationed in the event, the distribution center will be free of charge, property costs, the daily limit will be issued for the purchase of commercial shopping card subsidies. read more

Province in the country to take the lead in the implementation of new medical service price norms

from November 10th onwards, our province as the first national comprehensive reform pilot provinces, again "the first to eat crab", the first implementation of the new medical service price standard, the province’s public medical institutions (including the army, industry hospital) of the medical service price project will be 4049 to 9714, and the degree of standardization of project fine will be significantly improved. This is the reporter learned from the provincial health care office to do the news. read more

Province to establish the basic living expenses of children infected with HV protection system

basic living expenses of minors 1000 yuan per month

recently, the provincial government agreed that the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance and the provincial health department jointly issued the "notice" issued on HIV infected children basic living expenses shall have the registered permanent residence of this province with HIV and AIDS (referred to as a minor under the age of 18 HIV infected children) the issuance of basic the cost of living, basic living expenses 1000 yuan a month, a replacement from January 2012 onwards. read more

Xining education to achieve 4 fundamental changes

November 28th, held in the city’s primary and secondary education work conference, meeting under the new situation, our basic education of the new changes and new challenges, the next period of time "Xining education code · high quality · the main melody, the main characteristics of" development base; determine the implementation of "4 fundamental change" goal: from pay more attention to the hardware construction of the school to pay more attention to the professional growth of teachers and standardize the management of change, from the state to pay more attention to pay more attention to the transformation from humanistic construction change, more attention to spread more scale transformation to enhance the quality, more attention from scale expansion to pay more attention to enhance the meaning of change. read more

Xining underground pipe gallery plans to start this year

In order to strengthen the city underground space utilization, eliminate the "zipper City Project", to solve the existing problems in the construction of urban underground pipelines, ensure safe and smooth operation of city underground pipelines, underground pipe gallery in Xining City, the preliminary design review by the expert review, which marks the underground pipe gallery building in the city of Xining will enter a new era.

the underground pipe gallery in Xining city has implemented a total of 12 roads, a total length of about 34.9km, a total investment of about 3 billion 500 million yuan, is scheduled to start this year, is expected to three years completed. At the same time, the main road is the main road of the region, and the main part of the project includes two parts: the main project and the subsidiary project. The construction of the pipe gallery includes only the main pipe gallery and ancillary facilities, piping design and installation of the pipeline is not within the scope of the project. The content of pipeline corridor is 8 kinds of pipelines, such as electric power, communication, water supply, reclaimed water, heat, gas, sewage, rain water, etc. the communication pipeline includes 4 types of pipelines, such as telecom, mobile, China Unicom, radio and television. Under the construction of the road tunnel according to the current situation of the pipeline and the layout of the special layout of the pipe gallery cabin, pipe gallery cabin for 1 ~ 3 cabin.  
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Xining City Consumers Association to strengthen legal training to improve the ability to resolve com

In order to improve the

"while two station" staff quality in theory and business skills, and enhance the work efficiency and service level, to ensure that the "two stood for a moment in the work of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to play a more active role, the morning of July 30, 2010, director of the 20 communities of Xining City West District Consumer Association area. The west district" while two station "personnel training, business laws and regulations. read more

Xining Ping An fire special action and fire safety key units household registration remarkable resul


9 5 pm, Xining city public security fire brigade held a press conference to inform the progress of work. (Ben reporter Li Na photo)

to do a good job in the current fire safety work, effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents, especially Qunsiqunshang vicious fire accidents, ensure the fire situation of Xining City steady, Xining city police fire brigade within the city to carry out the "fire safety" special action and the key unit of fire safety management work "Hukou". September 5th afternoon, the Xining municipal public security fire brigade held a press conference to inform the progress of the work. read more

The Qinghai Tibet Railway Shuyun has sent 2 million 10 thousand people

Reporter in August 11th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, as of this year summer is coming to an end, the Qinghai Tibet railway also created a miracle: not only the passenger volume achieved year-on-year growth in July 26, a record single day sent 64 thousand passengers in the history of the highest value. At the same time, the Qinghai Tibet railway company has become the Railway 18 Railway Bureau (company) in 2015 the largest increase in Shuyun Passenger Railway Bureau (company).

8 months late, with the National University after school, freshmen, homecoming will bring students flow temperature. At the same time, into the cotton mining workers will be launched. Coupled with the "thermal reduction" of the passenger travel, visiting relatives, work in multiple passenger intertwined, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Shuyun passenger volume will later continue to run high.  
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Xining for the city to configure the modern road network system to ensure smooth road

is fully in the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional modern center of Xining City, in accordance with the "overall planning, combined with the length, key breakthrough, improve together" principle, strengthen the city road traffic "hardware", construction of city vehicles, the main road travel safety, smooth road, zunzhangshouji traffic environment, to better meet city development and the needs of travel.

With the rapid development of urban construction in Xining, the construction of civilized traffic environment, the increase of transportation infrastructure, and the improvement of the urban road network system is becoming more and more urgent and important. Therefore, the smooth traffic project in Xining city as a basic project to enhance the strength of urban development, carefully build. 3 years, a total investment of $1 billion 586 million to complete the construction of 53 projects. Not only built a 16 seat footbridge, but also built a batch of underground tunnels, mechanical three-dimensional parking lot, roads and bridges, bus bays, 23 in urban roads around the isolation, the road to the city center to draw all kinds of traffic marking a total of 282 thousand and 600 square meters, the left turn waiting area set in 12 the intersection, and the new traffic signal control device and set up electronic police, adjusting the distribution of existing urban lights 162 intersection and road 125, the morphological transformation of the people’s Park, South Gate Street, Kunlun road and other parts of the intersection; open 4 city bus rapid transit route. read more

Xining 14 traffic service stations can handle a number of vehicle management services

Reporters from the April 1st meeting of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle management news conference that day, Xining traffic police department issued a traffic convenience measures, opened 14 service station, the nearest public convenience to handle all his business.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle administration, the opening of the 14 traffic police service stations were set up in the three counties of the four district of Xining city and subordinate brigade checkpoints, service stations to carry out specific business including: driver’s license certification work, traffic violation inquiries, handle traffic violations, A1, A2, told to hold the A3, B1, B2 quasi driving vehicle driver’s license of the driver a driver’s license to carry out inspection date, fill permits for work. read more

Xining Health Bureau assessment results show that the county medical backbone serious fault

  in December 10th this year, the City Health Bureau of health county administrative departments of construction and construction specification review criteria for the evaluation of rural health institutions made informed, pointed out that the review of the evaluation results showed that the county (District), township and village three echelon structure health institutions personnel is not reasonable, the status of medical equipment lack seriously troubled me city health and construction of the "two" activities, especially in township hospitals because of the lack of professional backbone and some medical devices and so some medical projects can not carry out the situation is very prominent. read more

Xining agile Qinghai award grants ceremony was held

on December 14th in the afternoon, Xining agile Qinghai award grants ceremony was held in Huangzhong. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Qinghai Province, Xining municipal government and alumni representatives of the teachers and students of nearly more than and 100 people attended the awarding ceremony.

"agile Qinghai teaching award grants" is in support of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the province, Hongkong Agile Property Holdings Limited in May last year donated 20 million yuan in a special fund to teach student award in our province set up. It is used to subsidize students from poor families and to reward outstanding teachers who have contributed to the development of education in poverty-stricken areas for a long time. At the beginning of this year, Xining City, Qinghai Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to actively apply for agile teaching award grants, the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for approval, to obtain "Qinghai agile teaching award grants Xining reward outstanding teachers and high school students in poor places a total of 104. Among them, 54 outstanding teachers, poor students, 50. After the recommendation, screening, review, publicity, trial reports and other work, and ultimately in Xining City, Huangyuan, and three counties in the chase of the more than and 40 schools were selected to receive the award of outstanding teachers and subsidized poor students. (author: Xiao Liu)
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Xining to participate in sports population will be more than half

in Xining city last year, the national fitness and life summer tour of Xining activities the basis of great success, this year, I continue to sports and the integration of culture and tourism, landscape, building will complete a series of sports projects investment and focus on sports events, the number of years often participate in sports activities to achieve the city’s total population of 53%.

it is understood that the city last year held a total of more than and 70 items of all kinds of sports events, the number of participants reached more than 600 thousand people, including new year’s day race, kite tournament, plateau mountain bike challenge three mass sports brand events to publicize the summer capital of Xining has played a positive role in the annual sports events occurred every week activities, monthly events, good momentum of perennial uninterrupted, fitness atmosphere has influence to the whole society. China Football League, basketball game, a A China Xining Railway Station five northwestern provinces International Latin dance and national competitions, to promote the development of the fitness industry, especially in sports activities effectively stimulate people emerge in an endless stream, vitality and passion. On this basis, I will complete the transformation of the west end of the stadium, this year sports fitness and recreation center two projects, completed the construction of 25 administrative villages cement standard basketball court, 6 fitness Plaza, 7 demonstration community and other livelihood projects, efforts to strengthen the construction of the Red Valley fitness leisure sports fitness base, Nanchuan River recreation corridor, Dan Gar national track and field training camp, plateau bicycle chase kite ditch snow two project. The mass sports activities held 30 times, to build leisure and sports activities, held seven games, such as ice and snow festival. (author: Ge Wenrong)
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Xining Xiguan enjoy the red cultural feast

relive the party oath, singing revolutionary songs, clean government culture into building homes…… This year’s 71, West District, Xining City Xiguan Street office to a different series of activities, the majority of Party members and the masses show a red cultural feast.

to commemorate the 92 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Chinese, praising the party’s glorious history, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the party, the party’s core to further play the leading role, improve the comprehensive quality of Party cadres, Party members and competing for a stimulating activity, reflect the advanced nature of the Communist Party and the model of off party ties with the masses of grassroots service boom 71, on the eve of Xiguan Street office to carry out the "red party, to be handed down from age to age the red culture campaign" series, in the grass-roots party organizations to carry out a party proceedings, by Party members on Council, the residents reflect the opinions of the masses, the party’s wisdom and creativity together, wisdom and reflect public opinion, to solve the people, unite the people, to improve the effectiveness of the party organization of scientific decision-making and work, motivate party members to participate in society Active area construction, suggestions to promote the development of street positive suggestions; the grass-roots party organizations had a political birthday for all Party members, to relive the party oath, enhance the historical sense of responsibility and sense of honor; the selection of the classic repertoire, highlighting the theme of education, to carry out the songs sung in the whole street activities, the majority of Party members to further stimulate the Patriotic Party feelings; in mini lectures activities, leading cadres or expert Professor instead of the old party members, party activists will, by telling my own experiences and side moving story, the interpretation of the deep meaning of the party constitution learning new conditions in the new period, the. In addition, members of the party to carry out the service day, helping the party to send warmth, honest culture into the hospital and other activities. (author: Zhang)
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The thirteen session of the CPPCC municipal committee concluded the six meeting

On the afternoon of February 27th, after the successful completion of the agenda, the thirteenth meeting of the Xining Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference was successfully concluded on the afternoon of the sixth session of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative conference. CPPCC Chairman Ma Haiying, vice chairman Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Ma Ning, Bai Minde, Fan Xingliang, full of material, the Secretary General Zhao Long attended and seated on the rostrum.

should attend the meeting of members of 302 people, to 254 people, in line with the CPPCC charter.Vice chairman of the CPPCC Ma Ning

and the afternoon of February 27th, the twenty-four session of the Standing Committee of the thirteen CPPCC meeting, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, Zhang Ying, Ma Ning, Dexiang Tong, Bai Minde, Fan Xingliang, attended the meeting full of material. read more