YSL this Shuabing marketing can be replicated Similar success stories and what
on March 3, 2017

you have not found, wake up the whole circle of friends in the brush YSL? What the hell is this? As a straight, really not very understand.


but now, it’s true.

Baidu index: the last seven days significantly higher.


micro index: because the YSL keyword is not included, so I used a similar "Star" to replace, the same is a sharp rise.


Tencent browse index: the same week in the last week rose sharply.



luxury brand: YSL topped the billboard.


micro-blog on more than 10 million of the topic with just a few:




circle of friends has fallen completely:



the first 100 thousand + has also gone out of the street!



these data are sufficient to explain the problem! I still stick to my point of view, all the hot spots are behind the push hands, the YSL series of Christmas stars lipstick unexpected popularity, there must be behind a big



obviously, this time is indeed YSL marketing official laurent. It is said that in the United States and New York have been sold out. Of course, whether a fire event is not enough, the best standard is to see micro-blog Satin hand have no action.





there is a small evidence that can prove to be YSL marketing, Baidu index crowd portrait shows that the search for YSL men actually more than 6……


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